Can You Sell Planes in GTA? [Step By Step Guide]

The ability to possess and store aircraft is among the top-tier prestige badges in GTA Online. It could be wise to offer an old or out-of-date aircraft to recover half of its worth, though, if a player requires a sudden infusion of cash. Can you sell planes in GTA? This guide will explain to you about selling planes in GTA.

Even though Rockstar has now acknowledged that GTA 6 is under production, there is still no timeline for its release and eventual replacement of GTA 5. It indicates that the 2013 version of the game and its perennially well-liked GTA Online option continue to satisfy the needs of many gamers. With sufficient money, users in GTA Online may amass sizable fleets of automobiles by completing missions, heists, and other tasks.

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Rockstar wasn’t content with including on-road automobiles in their games. Thus, the GTA encounter is the absolute zenith of excess in contemporary gaming. GTA Online took a step ahead and provided a variety of aircraft, including jets, corporate airplanes, helicopters, and far more. The player never gets the impression that GTA Online is falling short in conveying its vast nature.

But, if players have amassed a sizable fleet of cars and planes, they come across more as additional cash than as a necessity. Therefore, selling a handful of these pricey planes becomes an intriguing proposition because each transaction can bring in a sizable sum of money for the player. Even though it’s challenging to remain profitable while selling cars and airplanes in GTA Online, any money is welcome in this game. So let’s look at the can you sell planes in GTA?

Can You Sell Planes in GTA? – All You Need to Know

Selling an aircraft in GTA Online isn’t easy, as users must make a sizable expenditure first. In GTA Online, users must first purchase a hangar to put their aircraft in before they can sell them. The Maze Banking application offers five Hangars for sale, varying prices from $1.2 million to $3.25 million. Limited access to the compound is available to players that purchase a hangar, such as the option to cruise via the checkpoint without scooping up the desired level.

Once they possess a Hangar full of aircraft to sell, players must purchase a Workshop to complete the transaction. Players must spend $1.15 million to acquire The Workshop, one of the numerous Hangar upgrades. In GTA Online, users may personalize and touch up their airplanes and sell them through the workshop.

Selling Planes

Players get prepared to sell airplanes after they successfully construct a Workshop Hangar. Enter the aircraft and then click the button to start making changes to it to accomplish this. There would be a choice to sell the airplane for half of its initial value price at the bottom of the GTA Online customizing menu.

The majority of airplanes in GTA Online may get sold using this way. However, no Pegasus vehicles can get sold utilizing this approach. Players cannot sell the cars owned by the transporting firm, but they may keep aircraft in the Hangar and perhaps even personalize them in the workshop. Luckily, you may quickly sell any non-Pegasus car, which will help you raise extra money for more GTA Online tasks.


They can take the following actions to add a Factory to a Hangar that they currently hold:

  • Visit the webpage for Maze Banking Foreclosures.
  • Click the owner’s Hangar on the map.
  • Include the workshop.

The workshop would save you $1,150,000, but it gets well spent. While choosing from personalization choices when purchasing a new Hangar, gamers may now decide to include the workshop. Players should ensure their airplanes are on the ground to sell them from the Hangar. They may accomplish this by going to the Hangar’s rear and choosing the preferred aircraft on the settings menu before bringing it to the ground.

  • After placing the airplane on the ground, they can do the following actions:
  • Get close to the aircraft.
  • Board the plane.
  • To change it, click the corresponding button.
  • Click “Sell” to put the plane up for sale in GTA Online.

Major GTA Updates 

Significant changes to GTA Online have been announced by Rockstar Games, bringing more stuff and a better standard of living. Rockstar Pictures claims GTA Online will soon get significant updates, including fresh features and improved gameplay. The announcement will excite several as the videogame has been there for over ten years. Franklin, the character of GTA 5, was included in the release. It also detailed some events between GTA 5’s finale and the current day in GTA V.

General Improvements

  • Players could use the Interaction Option to choose which Connections to show or conceal.
  • All session categories allow for Business Selling Missions via the Beneficiary.
  • Solo players could accomplish Agatha’s Casino Epic Quests.
  • In Fidelity Level, reflections get generated using ray tracing on the Ps5 and Xbox Series X.

Vehicle Updates

  • Garages would get new car acquisitions more promptly.
  • A limited number of custom-armed automobiles could now get utilized in contests.
  • The Mechanic could get used to rescue bicycles.
  • Players of the Ps5 and Xbox Series could unlock Hao’s Special Projects without finishing the game’s opening race.

Economy Updates

  • When carried out during open sessions, Automobile Cargo Selling Missions would be eligible for a Heavy Demand Premium. And Smuggler’s Selling Missions would have quadrupled payments.
  • As of right now, any Shark Credit denominations bought in GTA Online or through platform retailers would increase by 20–25%.

Bottom Line

Gamer must own a hangar to possess airplanes in Grand Theft Auto Online. The Pegasus airplane cannot get sold in this game. Therefore, once gamers purchase one, they are stuck indefinitely with it in the Hangar. Gamers in GTA Online need to possess a Workshop inside the Hangar to sell an airplane.

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