Does a Scram Bracelet have GPS? (All You Need To Know)

does a scram bracelet have gps

The Scram bracelet is frequently used by authorities and supervision offices to monitor persons on a pretrial release or probation. You may come into contact with the SCRAM band as a plaintiff in a DUI prosecution. There isn’t anything novel about GPS wristbands or electronic monitoring devices. In the circumstances like driving while drunk, some … Read more

Does Epson Projector have Bluetooth? [Explained!!]

does epson projector have bluetooth

Since Bluetooth was introduced, we prefer to avoid carrying ourselves around wires. Most of us are accustomed to connecting smart devices, via wireless technology, from headphones, speakers, and televisions to projectors. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects one or more smart devices to share photos, videos, files, and any data conveniently. Since Bluetooth technology … Read more