Does Roomba Charging Light Stay On? (What You Should Know)

Roomba is an automatic cleaning robot that can make your cleaning process easy. When you use Roomba, you need to know its functionality as well as features, especially because it is an electronic item. Thus, today we are going to discuss one of those features in Roomba, the charging light, which help you to understand whether the machine is charging or not.

Does Roomba charging light stay on? The indicator lights of Roomba might be confusing, but no need to worry; we have clearly explained everything regarding the Roomba charging light in this blog post, so keep reading.

Why is the Roomba Charging Light Important? 

Roomba is empowered by a rechargeable battery, so there are no troublesome wires around the robot. When that battery level is low, the machine cannot work properly.

You should check the battery of the machine during the cleaning process and also charging. Roomba charging light is responsible for showing the machine is charging.

There are different Roomba models. So, the way that shows the machine is charging varies from model to model. The latest Roomba models do not come with an indicating light during their charging procedure.

You should press the clean button to confirm that the battery has been charged. But if you use an older model, you can check the light to understand the machine’s status.

How does the Roomba Charging Light Function? 

As once said, the functionality of the Roomba charging light can vary. Basically, the light has been designed to indicate the charging status of the machine.

When you plug the machine into the electricity, the battery will be recharged. And the light starts to flash to indicate the current status of charging. 

There are different colors that say the particular stage of the charging procedure. If the battery level of Roomba is low at the moment, you will see amber pulsing or red-colored light. Then you should plug your Roomba in.

When you plug the machine in, you can see amber pulsing colored light, which indicates that the machine is charging at the moment.

This light will remain until the machine is completely charged. After that, you can see green or white colored light, which shows that the machine is fully charged.

Why does Roomba Charging Light Stays On?  

If you use an older Roomba model, you can see the charging light while it is charging. Roomba 500 and Roomba 600 flash their lights during the charging procedure. And Roomba 700, 800 and 900 models flash their light within the first minute of charging. After that, it will be turned off.

The latest Roomba models are known as ii, i3 and i7. These models do not flash an indicator light at all while the machine is charging.

The users are advised to press the clean button to know the level of charging. Then the light will appear.

If you recognize that your Roomba charging light stays on while charging, you probably use an older Roomba model. If it does not appear, there might be a problem in the unit.

Can the Roomba Charging Light be Turned Off? 

There is no way to turn off the charging light by yourself because they are designed to indicate the particular stage of charging in the unit.

According to the model, the timing of the light varies. Some models keep flashing until the charging is completed, while others only flash when you connect the machine to the electricity.

Anyways, the latest models do not flash lights by themselves; you need to press the clean button.

Does the Roomba Charging Light Change Color to Indicate Different Statuses? 

Yes, there is a particular color pattern to indicate different statuses of charging procedures in Roomba machines. In older models, there are three or four colors for this task.

Red or amber light is used to indicate the low battery status. And the amber light shows that the machine is still charging, while the green or white light indicates that the machine is fully charged.

But the latest models do not have such a color pattern. If you want to know the current status of the charging process, you should press the clean button then the light will be flashed.

In addition, there are some other indicator lights in Roomba machines. For example, when a special operation is going on, a blue light will be flashed.

Is it Okay to Leave Roomba Plugged in All the Time

Is it Okay to Leave Roomba Plugged in All the Time? 

Roomba can be kept plugged in on Home Base or Clean Base technology when you do not use it. And remember to place the machine in ship mode if you do not want to use it for several weeks.

Anyways, it is vital to charge Roomba whenever the battery dies. And you can achieve optimal performance if you fully charge the machine every six months.

What should I Do If the Roomba Charging Light doesn’t Come On? 

Check your Roomba model; if it is the latest one, there will not be a charging light. But it is also possible to check the battery level using the Roomba mobile application.

And there are some cases that disturb the charging procedure; then, the light will not come on. Mostly, when there is dirt in charging contact points, the lights will not appear. So, you need to clean the machine properly.

How Long does a Roomba Battery Last? 

If you are able to maintain your Roomba machine, its rechargeable battery will last for 2 to 3 years. There are some maintenance tips you need to remember.

You should use iRobot batteries which have been designed for Roomba models. And also, the machine should be charged at room temperature.

What’s more, you need to protect the machine from dirt, debris and fur, so make sure to keep it clean as much as possible.


Roomba has produced a variety of models, so the functionality of each differs. Older models came with indicator lights for the charging process, but the latest models do not have such a feature. You can identify the different statuses of charging through the color patterns of the Roomba charging light.  

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