DoorDash Fast Pay is Not Working? [FIXED 2024]

Is your DoorDash Fast Pay not working and want to know how you can fix it to get your earnings to your account in an instant? Although Fast Pay is a cool and pretty helpful feature from DoorDash, there can be difficulties when it comes to withdrawing your Dasher balance.

Let us help you with your issue with some practical and quick solutions. Let’s get going!

What is DoorDash Fast Pay?

Dashers can use the DoorDash Fast Pay option in the US and Canada to get daily access to their earnings. The cost of this service is just $1.99 per transaction. In addition, you can only cash out using Fast Pay once a day. 

Dashers can use Fast Pay to withdraw their money immediately rather than waiting for their weekly Direct Deposit or relying on DasherDirect. If you are a Dasher, it is essential to have a debit card, not a prepaid card to enjoy Fast Pay service. 

You don’t necessarily have to link your bank account, but only the debit card details. However, the earnings will be deposited to your bank account in minutes via your debit card once you confirm the transaction. 

Although we mentioned minutes, according to our experience, it takes no more than a few seconds for funds to arrive in your bank account. You will get an email confirmation too once the transaction is completed.

Why is My DoorDash Fast Pay Not Working and How to Fix it?

There are a few typical causes to consider if your DoorDash Fast Pay isn’t working. Let us explain every potential issue to you. 

1. Technical Glitches

  • DoorDash Issues

Although glitches from their side are out of your control, you can contact DoorDash customer support online or call them at 1 (855) 431-0459 if Fast Pay is not allowing you to withdraw earnings. 

  • Black or Blank Screen on DoorDash App

You can try to update the DoorDash app to see whether it fixes Fast Pay not working. In addition, it will help if you update the current version of your device’s software to the latest available as it tends to fix most minor glitches in no time.

If a black screen appears on the DoorDash app, it’s not because of the information you added that causing the issue leading to Fast Pay not working. Instead, it has more to do with the connection of your device and DoorDash servers.

In the meantime, make sure you have a stable internet connection to work with the DoorDash app. 

2. You Are Not Eligible for DoorDash Fast Pay 

  • Your DoorDash Account is Still New

Once you activate your DoorDash account, you have to wait for two weeks to be eligible for Fast Pay (14 days). If you are trying to use Fast Pay before that, DoorDash Fast Pay won’t work for you.

Perhaps, your DoorDash account has been deactivated because you have violated the Independent Contractor Agreement. If this is the case, you can appeal the deactivation.

  • You Are Not Living in an Eligible Country

As of now, DoorDash Fast Pay is available only in Canada and the USA. If you are a Dasher from Australia or the UK, unfortunately, this service is not available to you guys right now.

  • You Should Complete At Least 25 Lifetime Deliveries

Make sure you have completed 25 Dashes before you try to activate Fast Pay as the service is available only to Dashers who have successfully completed 25 deliveries. In addition, the current Dashes (ongoing ones) won’t be included in the calculations. 

Well, we would say completing 25 deliveries with DoorDash may even be possible to achieve within a couple of days if you are really committed to the work! 

  • You Are Still Within DoorDash Fast Pay 7 Day Wait Period

If you are using Fast Pay for the first time, you will have to wait for 7 days after you enter your bank debit card data. This will be applicable if you have changed the debit card information in your DoorDash app as well. 

This is a security feature of DoorDash to prevent potential issues for both parties and as per their website, bypassing DoorDash 7 day wait is not something that is possible. 

  • Your DoorDash Balance is Low to Withdraw

DoorDash has a transaction fee of $1.99 and if you are to perform a withdrawal, your account balance should be more than that. For example, if you are to withdraw $100, your balance should be $101.99 or more. 

  • You Have Already Performed One Transaction

As we mentioned earlier, DoorDash allows only one cash out per day. In addition, you should know that it’s more like all or nothing when it comes to Fast Pay withdrawals. Either you need to withdraw all your available balance when cashing out or leave everything in the account. 

  • You Are a DasherDirect Customer

If you are a DasherDirect customer, DoorDash Fast Pay will not work. Simply put, you cannot use DasherDirect and Fast Pay at the same time. So, ensure you have selected Fast Pay as your preferred cash-out method. 

  • Issues With Your Bank Account or Debit Card

Some banks may limit debit card transactions if they exceed a certain amount per day. However, this is not an issue with most major banks in the country. Moreover, DoorDash Fast Pay service will not work if your debit card has a current negative balance. So, check these factors as well if your Fast Pay is not working. 


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