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Sitting back and watching a beloved show or movie only to find that your Hisense TV no sound is the worst feeling in the world. Be at ease, though! This issue can be caused by a variety of things.

You are going to have to work through a number of device troubleshooting methods in order to resolve this. When your TV’s audio starts acting up, we’ve made an effort to test several quick remedies. This article includes a number of solutions to this problem.

Why Doesn’t the Sound on My Hisense TV Work?

The Hisense TV may experience the “no TV sound” issue for a variety of reasons. You may more precisely identify the issue and put up a realistic remedy if you have a grasp on these factors. 

Low Loudness or Muted Levels

If you mistakenly hit the mute key or the level is too inadequate, there can be no sound.

Setting the Sound Mode

For different shows, Hisense TVs offer audio options. If the improper mode is employed, the audio quality could degrade.

Parameters for Audio Output

The Hisense TV could be configured to deliver sound through a third-party component like a soundbar, regardless of whether you intend to use the TV’s built-in speakers. There could be no audio if the parameters are off.

Cables that are Damaged or Incorrectly Connected

When the cables are broken or the links are not strong, there can be an interruption in the audio transmission between the television and the attached devices.

Issues with the Speakers Inside

The internal sound of your TV can require repair or be muffled by anything.

Problems with the Software or Hardware

One of the numerous problems that might occur while using obsolete or damaged firmware or computer software is audio problems.

How Can I Fix the ‘Hisense TV no sound’ Issue?

Make Some Simple Checks

The most common initial basic troubleshooting techniques involve examining the sound label, adjusting the sound settings, and resetting the TV.

Thorough Investigation

There are occasions when sound stops operating because of a virus or adware infestation, or a firmware problem with the machine. Try further in-depth troubleshooting, such as updating firmware, including factory resets, if basic troubleshooting fails to resolve the problem.

Unconventional Solutions

Let’s assume you checked to see if the TV’s inbuilt speaker or its wiring for processing sound is broken. You can attempt various clever workarounds in this situation, such as utilizing a wireless speaker with Bluetooth or a third-party audio decoder.

These are the Procedures

Replacing any potentially broken wires or cords should be the first item you attempt.

Using an Alternate Pair of Speakers is your Next Option

Next, check sure that your television’s controllers are all current. Your issue can possibly be resolved by updating the software on your TV.

Rebooting your television is a different remedy you may attempt.

You may also try switching out the audio equipment.

In addition to all of them, the apparent option you may work on is raising the volume.

Additionally, you must ensure that the connection via Bluetooth is robust while utilizing speakers.

How Can I Fix My Hisense TV’s Unresponsive Volume?

Examine The Output Preferences

Verify the TV’s audio connection settings and loudspeakers.

Restart your Hisense TV

To reset your TV, you only need around five minutes.

Investigate The Analog Broadcast

Tune the TV for digital broadcasts and listen for any noise.

Modify the MTS Settings

Choose MAIN or STEREO when your Hisense TV’s sound menu offers an MTS option.

Change the Audio Input Device

Replace or modify the sound source equipment.

Change the PCM Output from Digital

By changing to PCM, choose your TV’s speakers as the output source.

Repair your Speakers

Check to see if the TV speakers are receiving audio from the proper channel.

Determine if audio is routed via additional devices.

Disconnect the TV’s audio cords completely.

Choose Audio Out and inspect the AV connections.

Change the TV’s Audio-Out options to “TV speakers” if they are available in the Sound panel.

Verify the Source Settings

Verify that the TV box’s wires are correctly attached. Last but not least, make sure that the sound is not muted.

Update the Firmware on your TV

Install any updated TV firmware that is accessible.

Boost the Volume

Try turning up the TV’s loudness.

The Headphones are Plugged In

Verify that the TV is not linked to a set of Bluetooth headsets.

Clear the sound settings on your Hisense TV.

We advise resetting your TV’s audio settings if all of the other solutions work.

Call the Hisense TV Support Line

We advise you to get in touch with Hisense TV’s official customer service if you continue to have the same problem.

How to Repair a Hisense Roku TV with No Audio But a Picture

How to Repair a Hisense Roku TV with No Audio But a Picture?

Therefore, you ought to perform the following action if the Hisense Roku TV just has an image and no sound.

  • Utilize the remote to restart the Roku television.
  • Restart your Roku TV’s battery.
  • Turn off the volume-leveling feature.
  • Make sure that the volume controls are on.
  • Select PCM as the digital audio output.
  • Disable Fast Start.
  • Change the HDMI connections and wires.
  • Refresh your Roku TV.
  • Your TV should be factory reset.

What Advice Can You Give for the Best Audio Effectiveness?

Use these recommendations to enhance the audio quality of your Hisense TV.

Utilize the wireless control’s “Menu” button to get to the audio preferences by choosing “Sound.”

To suit your tastes, change the “Bass” and “Treble” parameters.

For an additional realistic audio experience, turn on “Surround Sound.”

To make sure that the audio and video are in synchronization if you’re utilizing external participants, change the “Audio Delay” setting.

How Can I Upgrade My Hisense TV?

The lack of audio on the Hisense TV can be fixed by updating the software version. Since they’re compatible with two separate operating systems—Hisense Roku TV as well as Hisense Android/Google TV—the update procedure will change significantly from one to the other.

  • Enhance your Hisense Roku TV.
  • Go to the main screen after turning on the Hisense TV.
  • Choose System from the Settings menu by tapping it.
  • Select System Update, then look for any recent updates.
  • For the latest version to begin installing, select the Download link.

The Hisense Roku television is going to be updated following the downloading procedure. The TV will need to restart to complete the update.

  • Modernize your Hisense Android TV
  • Turn on the Hisense television and choose “Home” using the remote.
  • Tap the Options icon.
  • Click the About tab by moving down.
  • When you select System Update, a new update is looked for.
  • Download and apply the most recent patch.
  • After that, the update installed on your Hisense Android TV will turn out effective.

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