How Tinder Read Receipts Work? Everything You Need to Know

It has been seconds, minutes, hours and days, yet she has not responded. What can you do? To whom you pray blindly, God has not yet shown you the right path to reach this heavenly girl. Your mother wanders around your room like a honey bee wanting to know for whom you are waiting, ceaselessly staring at your phone. You wish Tinder has read receipts. You wonder, “What are those blue ticks underneath my poor expectations”. YES, they are Tinder read receipts. Your last chance of love is near to becoming a mere imagination; your sole existence depends on these receipts. So we answer, how do tinder read receipts work? 

What is Tinder Read Receipts?

Tinder read receipts are flabbergasting technical features that will make your heart explode. This feature lets you know whether your perfect match has seen your perfect pickup line. It saves you the trouble of guessing. It is a practical solution for what-ifs and gives you many more chances for “oh wells” to exist in your dating life. How will these read receipts help you up your dating game?

For once, you’ll be able to put your pickup lines to the test in front of a stranger you instantly fell in love with. You will be less heartbroken not having to wait for days roaming around like a loser, and you can easily move on to the next date. These receipts work just like the read receipts of Whatsapp, Messenger or any other social media platform that allows social chats.

The only atypical moment of this whole Tinder read receipts is that it is not a free feature you would be fortunate enough to enjoy every time you develop an interest in a girl. Thus, this is the big speciality of Tinder read receipts, and it will instantly notify you whether your match has seen your message

How Do I Enable Read Receipts on Tinder?

Do you need that assurance of knowing whether she has seen your effort? Well, if your answer is YES. Here’s how. Tinder receipts can be activated, and they have provided you with 3 affordable packages, 5, 10 and 15, each costing lower value ranges activate these packages.

Those three packages will cost you about $15, $20 and $30 each, respectively. After activating these packages, you can go to your desired chat and click the blue ticks you wondered about earlier. OH, LA LA LA!!! Your read receipts are activated, and you will know whether your sweetheart is your sweetheart.               

Can I Disable Read Receipts on Tinder?

The world survives on the concept of give and take, but the Tinder world survives only on the take. That’s why you would not like others to know whether you have seen their pathetic message. Don’t worry; Tinder is not the site to maintain honesty and goodwill. It is the site to trust your instinct and shoot your chances. Therefore you can always turn off your read receipts.

Follow these steps: first, open Tinder, and second, tap on your profile icon. Go to the settings, read receipts, and click the off button. Your desperation will be a secret to you and you only.

What do Read Receipts Look Like on Tinder?

The world is a spiral. Nothing changes here to there; only a “t” is added. Similarly, Tinder read receipts are not very peculiar from whatsapp read receipts. The only difference in Tinder is it needs a small payment. You may find two blue ticks underneath your message, and it is the mark of read receipts.

When your so-called “soul mate” views your message, Tinder will tell you through their instance message service by showing a bold “READ” message. Thus it is evident that other than the payment speciality, there’s nothing much about this feature of Tinder.

What do Read Receipts Look Like on Tinder?

Do Read Receipts Work for Group Chats on Tinder?

Tinder only allows access to the read receipt facility with the chat with your perfect matches. They have followed the criteria of allowing people to use this advantage as a marketing strategy to lure more people into experiencing the new feature with their perfect matches.

The amazing part is that this feature is not only for the Tinder premium member or even for the Tinder gold members. This feature is only a money-based addition that the company has added. Thus, the company is profiting from the desperation of the perfect match made. Therefore, it is obvious why they do not allow purchasing read recipes to be available on group chats.

The best thing is if your match has turned off her read receipts, you still will be able to save your money and the receipt package to use on another perfect match. Hence it is a win-win for you and your pocket.

Can I See Read Receipts on Old Messages?

Past should be left to be buried under the dreadful ashes of time. Thus Tinder has not let anyone dig up their past and be sad or even happy about a missed opportunity. Therefore, Tinder does not allow users to acknowledge the read receipts for old conversations before the package activation of read receipts. Hence the clearest answer to your question is that you can’t.

As a profitable company, we should not expect Tinder to let its millions of users receive read receipts from past conversations with their perfect matches. As their client, you should refrain from digging up your past.

How do Read Receipts Work With Deleted Messages?

The word you said would never exit the realm of life, even if there were options like UNDO or DELETE on your keyboard to help you reverse your actions. However, Tinder is brutal when it comes to deleting messages. Tinder does not allow users to delete messages.

They bargain with you. If you need to delete a message, you must cut all ties with your perfect matchmaker with whom you have made a real connection. Thus up to the deletion, your match will be unmatched. Your chat will disappear into thin air along with those paid read receipts.

Thus, it is clear how clever the marketing strategies of Tinder have been laid off when it comes to this amazing yet no peculiar feature: read receipts. In the Tinder world, the only concept that exists is mismatching and matching. Upon matching comes fortune, and upon mismatching comes misfortune.

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