How to Add Govee Lights to Apple Home? (Step-by-Step Guide)

You can use the Apple Home app and Siri’s voice commands to manage your smart lighting after adding Govee lights to Apple Home. You can make customized lighting scenes, automate lighting schedules, and manage your lights with other HomeKit-capable devices by integrating Govee lights with Apple HomeKit. The Govee lights must first be connected to your WiFi network, added to the Govee Home app, and paired with Apple Home using the HomeKit setup code. You can easily control your Govee lights using the Apple Home app or Siri on your Apple devices once everything is set up. How to add Govee lights to apple home? Let us explore more about this.

Can you Add Govee Lights to Apple Home?

The answer is yes. Govee lights can be added to Apple Home. Simple instructions in the Apple Home app may be used to complete the operation, which is easy to do.

Make sure your devices are prepared for the setup before you begin. Open the Apple Home app after preparing your devices, then follow the instructions on the screen to connect your Govee lights.

You can use the Apple Home app to manage them, change their settings, schedule automation, and design custom scenes once you have linked your Govee lights.

You can enjoy seamless automation and control of your lighting system within the Apple ecosystem because of Govee lights integration with Apple Home, which improves the smart home experience.

What Govee Lights Work with HomeKit?

Govee lights are not officially approved to work with HomeKit. A workaround involving a third-party program called Homebridge enables Govee lights to be integrated with HomeKit.

Homebridge is software that increases the functionality of the HomeKit framework and enables smooth communication between Apple and uncertified devices.

You will require a host device like a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer to configure Homebridge. Raspberry Pis is frequently used as the host device since they are compact and use little power.

Homebridge can be manually installed on a Raspberry Pi the HOOBS (Homebridge out of the box) all-in-one package makes setup easier.

You can use Siri voice commands and the Apple Home app to control your Govee lights by bridging the gap between Govee lights and HomeKit with Homebridge.

While the configuration might require some technical knowledge, it allows Govee lights to function within the HomeKit environment and access its features and automation capabilities.

What are the benefits of adding Govee lights to Apple Home

What are the Benefits of Adding Govee Lights to Apple Home?

Your smart home system will benefit from Govee lights integrated with Apple Home.

Firstly, it gives you a centralized interface to manage your lighting alongside other HomeKit-enabled devices by allowing you to control your Govee lights straight from the Apple Home app.

This simplified control makes it simple to customize, modify settings, and create unique scenes to fit various moods or situations.

You may use HomeKit automation features by connecting Govee lights to Apple Home.

You can plan lighting routines like gradually turning down the lights at night or having them turn on as soon as you get home. This level of automation improves convenience and saves energy.

Integrating Govee lights with Apple Home makes voice control with Siri possible. Lighting can be easily adjusted, freeing up your hands with voice commands.

The combination of Govee lights and Apple Home enhances your overall smart home experience by expanding the ecosystem’s potential for automation, enabling voice control, and giving a unified control platform.

How to Add Govee Lights to Homekit?

You must follow the actions to add Govee lights to HomeKit.

Make sure a HomeBridge server is installed and operational on your network. HomeBridge is software that enables non-HomeKit devices to function with HomeKit.

Install the Govee plugin on your HomeBridge server. Govee lights can be integrated with HomeKit with the help of this plugin.

Open the Home app on your iPhone. You can download the app from the App Store if you do not already have it installed.

Select the ‘+’ icon in the Home app’s upper right corner to add a new accessory.

Choose ‘Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?’ on the ‘Add Accessory’ screen.

Select ‘Govee’ as the device type for your lights from the list of available device types.

Follow the app’s instructions to connect your Govee lights to HomeKit. You should log in using your Govee account information and allow the required permissions to do this.

Your Govee lights should be successfully added to HomeKit after the setup. The Home app or Siri’s voice commands on your Apple devices can now be used to operate them.

You can enjoy smooth control, automation, and synchronization with other HomeKit-enabled devices because of Govee lights integration into the system, which improves the overall smart home experience.

Can I Control Govee Lights with Siri through Apple Home?

The answer is yes. You can use Siri and Apple Home to manage Govee lights. Govee lights work with Apple HomeKit. So you can control them with Siri voice commands.

You can easily change the lighting in your home using Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices by integrating Govee lights into Apple Home.

Siri can execute your instructions to turn the lights on or off, modify the brightness, or change the colors, giving you a practical and hands-free way to manage your Govee lights and create the perfect environment in your living space.

How Do you Use Govee Lights with Siri?

You can do the following actions to use Govee lights with Siri.

A smart home system must be installed and connected before using Govee lights. The Govee Home app or an integration with a compatible system like Apple HomeKit can accomplish this.

Open the Home app on your iPhone. You can download the Home app from the App Store if you already don’t have the Home app.

Ensure the Home app includes your Govee lights. If not, tap the ‘+’ symbol to add accessories. Then add your Govee lights by following the on-screen instructions.

You may use Siri voice commands to operate your Govee lights once they have been added to the Home app.

Say ‘Hey Siri’ or touch the Siri button on your device to activate Siri.

Give Siri instructions like ‘Hey Siri, turn on (Govee light name),’ ‘Hey Siri, set (Govee light name) to blue color.’

The Home app will receive the order from Siri and use it to operate your Govee lights accordingly.

You can effortlessly control your lights with voice commands by configuring your Govee lights in the Home app and using Siri eliminating the need for manual adjustments or accessing specialized programs.

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