How to Add Govee Lights to Google Home? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Your experience with a smart home is improved when Govee lights are integrated with Google Home. You can easily create and control fantastic lighting effects with a single command by syncing these colorful lights with Google’s voice-controlled assistant. You are able to change the mood of your living environment, whether it’s for quiet evenings, lively gatherings, or productive work sessions, by adding Govee lights to Google Home. This integration gives you the power to instantly transform your home with brilliant colors and dynamic lighting effects by combining Govee lights’ adaptability with Google Home’s practicality. Let us get started on the procedures for making this excellent combination.

What is Google Home?

A flexible virtual assistant, Google Home is made to help you with daily tasks around the house. It includes a variety of smart devices like the original Google Home smart speaker, Google Home Hub, Google Mini, and others.

The main Google Home device has a small air freshener, a two-inch speaker, and integrated computer hardware.

With the aid of Google Home, users can control a number of smart home appliances, play music, ask questions, set reminders, manage schedules, and interact with other compatible smart appliances.

The company’s advanced artificial intelligence powers Google Home. It is the central hub for automated smart homes, streamlining and improving daily activities.

Can you Add Govee Lights to Google Home?

The answer is yes. You can connect Govee lights to Google Home and benefit from the convenience of voice control.

You may turn Govee lights on and off at your convenience, control the brightness, and change the colors to create the ideal mood by integrating Govee lights with Google Home.

While some customers claim Alexa responds more rapidly when it comes to quickly changing lights, Google Home also enables responsible management over Govee lights.

Most users will notice little difference in reaction time, despite the possibility of one. You can easily customize your lighting choices and improve the ambiance of your house because of the seamless and user-friendly experience that Govee Lights’ connection with Google House offers.

How to Connect Govee Lights with Google Home?

First, You must configure the Govee product on the Govee Home app to use Govee lights with Google Home. Here is a complete instruction.

  • Download the Govee Home app from the Apple Store or Play Store, depending on your operating system.
  • WiFi on your mobile device should be turned on before creating a Govee Home account in the app.
  • Use the app’s ‘+’ icon to search for it and choose the appropriate model to find the exact Govee product you wish to connect.
  • Select a WiFi network from the list displayed. Then type the network password.
  • Use English words to give your lights names so they are simple to recognize.

You can link the Govee product with Google Home after setting it up on the Govee Home app.

  • Open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Click the ‘+’ symbol in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • Choose ‘Set up device’ from the list of choices.
  • Select ‘Works with Google’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon to find ‘Govee Home’ in the search results. Then choose it from the list.
  • Use the same login information you used to use the Govee Home app to access your Govee account.
  • Tap the blue ‘Allow’ button to give Google access to your Govee account data after signing in.

You should be able to use Google Home to operate your Govee lights after the connection. Toggle the lights on or off, modify the brightness, and change the color with voice commands. You can also build up routines or automation with additional smart devices linked to Google Home for a completely integrated smart home experience.

What are the Benefits of Connecting Govee Lights to Google Home?

The advantages of integrating Govee lights with Google Home are many.

Firstly, it makes life more convenient by removing the have to open the Govee app each time you want to operate the lights.

Use voice commands to turn the lights on or off with Google Home. Also, you can adjust the brightness or change the color.

This connection benefits people who may not be as comfortable with technology as older people.

They may quickly manage the lights using Google Home by speaking commands, doing away with any uncertainty or potential complications when employing an app or manual controls.

Integrating Govee lights with Google Home makes it possible to automate routines and create unique routines.

The lights can be integrated with additional compatible smart home appliances enabling seamless synchronization and building a robust and smart home ecosystem.

The integration improves the comfort and ease of your living area, whether it’s scheduling lighting changes, synchronizing with other actions, or creating a specific ambiance for different activities.

Other Google devices that are compatible with Govee lights

Other Google Devices that are Compatible with Govee Lights

Govee lights can be controlled in various ways because of their compatibility with different Google products. You may access the Govee app to easily control your lights using IOS and Android phones and tablets.

Google sells smart speakers and displays, including the Google Nest Mini, Google Nest Audio, Nest Hub (2nd gen), and Nest Hub Max.

You can use voice commands to manage your Govee lights because of the integration of these devices with Google Assistant.

You have the freedom to select the most practical and appropriate alternative for controlling your Govee lights from a variety of compatible Google devices.

Can you Use Google Voice Commands to Control Govee Lights?

The answer is yes. The Govee lights may be controlled with Google voice queries. According to numerous sources, all Govee light strips and bulbs, except the H6001 model, are Google Home compatible.

This compatibility lets you easily alter settings, create personalized scenarios and routines, and combine your lights with other smart home devices using Google Assistant.

You may enjoy the freedom and simplicity of managing your lights using voice commands with Govee lights and Google Home increasing your smart home experience.

How to Remove Govee Lights from Google Home?

Follow these procedures to remove Govee lights from Google Home.

  • Get your phone and open the Google Home app.
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select ‘Set up a device’ from the list of choices.
  • Select ‘Works with Google’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Find the Govee Home account and click on it from the list of linked accounts.
  • Choose ‘Unlink account’ from the menu of choices.
  • A popup message confirming the unlinking procedure will appear; select ‘Unlink’ to continue.
  • Using these instructions, you can successfully remove the Govee lights from your Google Home setup.

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