How to Bold on Tumblr? – The Simple Guidance!

Tumblr has become a popular social network among many people today. Because it is a good platform for those who want to run their own blog and socialize their ideas. Today we are going to talk about a problem related to that. “How to bold on Tumblr” will be our discussion today.

Many people publish their articles and opinions through this. But the problem is that Tumblr’s rich-text editor doesn’t work correctly with many HTML codes. It stands out as plain text only.

Let’s take an example. How to bold matter is a question that we need to figure out. Here, bolding can be done successfully through the plain-text editor and is supported with introductory HTML text. Let’s look at all these matters in detail.

What is Tumblr Text Font?

There is a default font for Tumblr. In particular, the “ABC favorite” is used here. But now, even custom fonts can be included in Tumblr’s redesigned version. 

And here, you can easily add the creativity through Google fonts you want. Let’s take a simple step-by-step guidance for this.

First, let’s see how to enter letters in Google.

Initially, you go to the Google Fonts website. ( Here you can choose a font that suits your needs as you wish. Then click on a font of your choice. After that, click on the code in the “Use on the Web” section at the bottom right and copy it. Now go to your theme’s HTML code and paste the code.

Now let’s see how to add custom fonts. This is also a simple process.

First, visit the web link related to your blog site. Then click the “Edit Theme” section. Then go to the field labeled “Custom Fonts” in that blog section. Finally, paste the font name you found inside the quotation marks.

How to Bold on Tumblr?

Now we know that the rich-text editor doesn’t support most textual web programming code, as we’ve talked about it before. Then what is the solution?

What often happens here is that the code we provide is removed or displayed as text only by the text codes. However, the default editor that comes with it allows you to make the text bold. It is not a difficult process. It’s just like we bold in MS Word. You can then use an alternative editor to work on the files.

You can take a few simple steps to make text bold through the Rich Editor. First, click the “B” character at the top of the rich editor, then type what you want. Otherwise, click on the letter “B” after selecting a text line. Otherwise, if you are someone who likes to code, you can use this method. First, click on the “Settings” icon. It is an icon in the shape of a gear wheel. Now go to the “Edit Posts Using” section there and then select the “Text/Text” option. This editor recognizes that “<b>” and “</b>” represents the command to bold.

How Do You Change the Font on a Text Post on Tumblr?

To make all the basic changes you need for your blog, including title, description, and links, you need to go to the customization page. You can customize all font colors on this page. But font-family or size doesn’t have the customization options you need. For that, you can use the text editor of Tumblr.

First, go to the Tumblr Customization page. Then log in to your Tumblr account. Then click on “Edit Text” that appears to you. Now open the “Find” tool. Click “Ctrl-F” for that. Now enter “font-family” in the field next to Fend. Then you can find that and the matching font family.

Now replace with the font you want to use the format as “font-size: 12px;”. And click on the “Update Preview” button. Then click the “Save” button to save this theme.

How Do You Put Bullet Points on Tumblr?

When we write a blog, we use bullets to make its content accessible to the reader. This also greatly affects the structure of your blog. Let’s go through how to do it.

First, open the web browser and log in to your Tumblr account. Now you click “New Post.” Next, select the section you want. Now click where you want to insert the list. Then type the list of bullet points you want. Her you need to add bullets.

Then click the “Bullets” button on the editor toolbar. Then you can add bullets to each point. Click on “Save” to save this update. And click the “Publish” button to publish this change on the blog.

How Do You Get Fancy Fonts on Tumblr?

First, scroll down until you see “Theme’s Font Options” in the left panel of Tumblr. Then you can easily change the size and type through this option.

How Do You Color Text on Tumblr?

If you want to creatively change the color of the text in your blog, it is very easy to do it through the following steps. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your website. Then you need to turn the “Text Editor” to “HTML Editor.” Note that you will not be able to preview this. You can apply colors to fonts on Tumblr using HTML code. Then you can “Save” and “Publish” it on your blog site.


In fact, Tumblr is one of the best ways to make your ideas social. But there are countless times that many people have some problems with its use. Some are looking for things like changing the color of the fonts, making them bold, and inserting a bullet list. The reason is that it is a bit difficult to accomplish this with only HTML codes.

Through this article, we have provided short answers to a lot of problems about Tumblr through the main problem we encountered, “How to Bold on Tumblr.” You may now understand the problem with Tumblr when using HTML code, and they can be somewhat bypassed. And the most important thing to remember is that even though their rich editor doesn’t support HTML-based sites very successfully, this problem can be solved using HTML editor mode via Tumblr text editor.

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