How to Charge a Fossil Smartwatch without a Charger? (Unveiling Creative Solutions)

The Fossil smartwatch is another beautiful product made by the American fashion designing company: Fossil Group Inc. This company came to life in 1984 through the mastery of Tom Kartsotis in Richardson, Texas. This company is well known for its long-lived partnerships with exclusive brands like Armani, Michael Kors, Puma, and many more. Thus, your Fossil smartwatch might be a daily fashion icon that adds to your outfit. Ooof! The charger is nowhere to be found. We all have been there. Therefore you must know “how to charge a Fossil smartwatch without a charger?” Hence why we are here to support you.

Is it Possible to Charge a Fossil Smartwatch without a Charger?

Even though you do not find the Fossil charger, you are still determining whether the alternate charging solutions will work.

It is entirely agreeable and fair that you doubt these alternate solutions that will replace your original Fossil charger. However, utilizing these alternate solutions to charge your smartwatch is an option that will work and is okay to use as a charging technique in an emergency.

Yet as we acknowledge you with these alternate solutions capable of charging the watch, you must use them sparingly. This way, you’ll be able to charge the smartwatch while not damaging its operation.

How to Charge a Fossil Smartwatch Using a USB Cable?

There are many ways to charge your Fossil smartwatch if you can’t find your original charger. You can use a USB to charge. It can be done in 2 main ways.

  1. USB charging your watch using your desktop or laptop. You can connect one end of the USB cable to the computer and the other to the smartwatch.
  2. USB charging your smartwatch using a power bank. This mobile method benefits the user enormously. Like before, you are to connect the two ends of the USB cable to the power bank and the watch, respectively.

Can a Fossil Smartwatch be Charged Using a Wireless Charger?

Is there any other option other than the USB charging option to charge the smartwatch? The answer is YES.

You can use a wireless charger which provides the feature of portability, just like a power bank. These chargers are equipped with a little battery pack with a built-in USB cable and a switch.

You connect the smartwatch to the free end of the USB cable and switch on the wireless charger.

Your smartwatch will charge like a hyperactive baby after a delicious meal. Some wireless chargers sometimes have built-in magnets so that you can attach the watch to the charger itself.

What are the Potential Risks When Using Alternative Charging Methods to Charge Fossil Intelligent Watches?

Is charging my Fossil smartwatch safe using alternative charging solutions? You might be questioning yourself with the puzzle of this question.

While it is “okay” to charge the smartwatch using those alternative chargers, you must be cautious about the power sources of those options as they might not be compatible with the smartwatch.

These options could damage the battery performance of the smartwatch. Long-term use of these alternative solutions is not recommended by the Fossil Company as this alternative solution can severely harm the battery and ultimately make your device cease functioning.

Thus, if you still need to find the original charger, refer to the Fossil user manual and contact the company to get a new charger.

Therefore, it is evident that alternative solutions are okay for a shorter period, while those options can damage the life span of the smart watch’s battery.

How to Turn On a Fossil Smartwatch

How to Turn On a Fossil Smartwatch?

Turning on your Fossil smartwatch is not a challenging task. It can be done with just a single click. However, if your smartwatch is not charging, you might face complications.

If your smartwatch has turned off, you should charge the watch first using one of the alternative solutions we mentioned earlier.

Upon this process, your watch will automatically start. To manually power on the watch, press the middle pushing button for about three seconds, and you are good to go!

Thus following the above steps will gift you a charged, power-on smartwatch. We hope you turn on your smartwatch by following these steps.

Does a Fossil Smartwatch have a Battery?

The simplest and the most obvious answer to this query is YES. Fossil smartwatches have batteries that need to be charged and taken care of if you expect them to last longer.

However, if you accidentally damage the battery, you will have to change the battery. However, there might be better ways to execute it than changing the battery out of impulsive decisions.

Thus you must refer to the user manual if you are going to change the smart watch’s battery, as the batteries are tiny and have a better chance of being damaged. Thus, Fossil smartwatches have batteries, but only in some of them.

How does a Fossil Watch Work without a Battery?

With the technological advancements of the world, the Fossil Company has been able to introduce a new era of smartwatches to the world through mechanical watches. These watches do not need batteries to work, and how does that work? There are two types of mechanical watches. They are,

  1. Automatic Mechanical Watches

These watches are mechanical and are executed by winding the watch’s crown clockwise daily.

  1. Hand-wound Mechanical Watches

These watches wind automatically by collecting the energy of the wearer’s movements. And, these watches are more expensive than the regular smartwatch, as they are created using 50 microscopic partitions that work together in sync. Thus, this is how some Fossil smartwatches can run without batteries which is still a peculiar yet trending concept in the modern world.

Can Fossil Smartwatch Battery Replace?

Yes, you can replace the Fossil battery, and if you need more confidence about executing the process yourself, we recommend contacting the local Fossil store; however, here are the steps to replace the battery.

  1. Remove the rear lid of the watch. Ensure you are cautious about the proper places of the screws you removed.
  2. Find the battery inside and remove it smoothly using any small tool you have. We recommend using tweezers.
  3. Now insert the new battery paying attention to the correct alignments.
  4. Place the rear lid and screw it. 
  5. DO NOT over-tighten the screws.

You successfully replaced the fossil battery. However, if any of these options do not work for you, consider submitting a repair request to ship the watch for the repair procedure.

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