How to Connect AirPods to PS4 without Dongle? Seamless Connectivity!

Without the aid of accessories, AirPods cannot be connected to the PS4 because it does not allow Bluetooth sound or headphones. One cannot hear stuff like other players talking to one another, even while using AirPods and a PS4 console. The methods for “How to connect AirPods to PS4 without dongle” are detailed in this article.

The purpose and varieties of dongles are discussed in this piece of writing. Find out how to pair an AirPod with a Bluetooth adaptor as well as whether a third-party dongle may be used to pair an AirPod with a PlayStation 4. Find out how to solve typical problems and difficulties you could have while attaching Airpods to a PS4 without using a dongle, as well as how to link suitable headphone cables to a PS4.

What Function Does a Dongle Serve?

There are two components to the dongle. The first one plugs into the USB port at the entrance of the PlayStation, while the second one plugs into the port for headphones on the console’s console and acts as an auxiliary mic.

Dongle Varieties

Dongles come in a wide variety of uses in general.

Dongle for Bluetooth

It’s beneficial for linking Bluetooth headphones as well as audio gadgets to your PS4.

Internet Dongle

Useful for increasing Wi-Fi signal.

How Can I Link my AirPods to My PS4?

The PS4 is going to be able to identify your AirPods if you attempt to connect those without a connector, and you’ll continue through the pairing procedure up until the final phase before it fails.

You may avoid this by purchasing a PS4 Bluetooth adaptor that can be plugged into the game system and enables Bluetooth audio.

How Can I Use a Bluetooth Adaptor to Connect my AirPods?

Activate your PS4

The PS4 must be turned on in order to link with your AirPods, so do that first.

Bluetooth Adapter Connection

The PS4 may be linked to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled items, not only AirPods, with the use of a Bluetooth adaptor.

Make the Adapter Pairable

You must modify the options on your adaptor to enter pairing mode before we are able to link those AirPods with the PS4.

Put your AirPods in Pairing Mode

You must switch your AirPods onto the proper mode after switching your adaptor into the proper mode. So, search for an icon on the exterior of those AirPods. To enter the pairing process with your AirPods, you must continue to hold this button for a moment.

How Can I Use a Bluetooth Adaptor to Connect my AirPods

Connect the PS4 as Well as AirPods

The connection procedure ought to be seamless if you’re certain that your Bluetooth dongle and AirPods have been configured in connection mode.

Join the PlayStation 4 with a Microphone Converter

You must also plug the directional microphone that came with your Bluetooth converter onto the 3.5-millimeter headphone socket on the PlayStation 4 controller in order to use AirPods’ mic functionality with the console.

Check the Screen to Confirm

The message of confirmation will appear on the screen that you paired the Controller to after the pairing procedure is finished. For your AirPods to be fully configured on your PS4, you must click “confirm” on the message that appears. You may use your AirPods to engage in video games on your PS4 after completing that step, which will finish the setup procedure.

How to Connect AirPods to PS4 without Dongle?

  1. Start by turning on your PS4.
  2. Open your primary PlayStation account and log in.
  3. Use an Apple or Android phone to access the AppStore.
  4. Get ‘PS4 Remote Play’ now.
  5. Once it has been downloaded, launch the program.
  6. After selecting “OK,” select “Start.”
  7. Recognize the terms as well as restrictions.
  8. Log in.
  9. The mobile device will begin looking for your PS4 to link to after you login in; this procedure might take some time.
  10. After connecting, you will be sent to a different website.
  11. Access the Settings app on your cell device.
  12. Set up Bluetooth, if necessary.
  13. Now press the “PS” and “Share” keys on the Controller at the same time.
  14. This will turn on the Controller’s “sharing” capability, which functions identically to the pairing mode.
  15. Connect your smartphone to it.
  16. For interaction, select the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone and choose the gadget’s name of your Controller.
  17. Just like you would normally, pair the AirPods Pro with your mobile device.
  18. Click settings immediately.
  19. You may select Enable microphone.

Do Anything Third-Party Dongles Exist that Might be Used to Link AirPods with a PS4?

However, because PS4 lacks support for Bluetooth sound, you aren’t going to be able to connect your AirPods to your console.

Here, you can enlist the aid of outside receivers. You’ll learn that even the most expensive headphones—gold, silver, and platinum—need dongles to function. Thus pairing wireless headphones using a dongle is a fairly typical practice.

The Avantree Leaf Long Distance USB Bluetooth Sound Transmitter Adapter is by far the most popular dongle and comes with a host of advantages.

The PS4’s compatibility with AirPods is fantastic news. Its cost is something to think about. It ranks as one of the best adapters for utilizing AirPods with a PS4 because of this.

How to Resolve Typical Problems and Difficulties While Using Airpods on your PS4 without a Dongle?

Ensure that the PS4 System is Updated

It’s possible that the PS4’s firmware is out of date if you’re experiencing trouble attaching the Remote Play application to your device.

Visit Settings

Choosing the system’s software Download. If a new update appears, install it by following the on-screen instructions. Try manually upgrading the console when the application installation is unsuccessful.

Verify if Remote Play is Supported by the Game

While the majority of games enable Remote Play, there are a few that do not. When buying a new PS4 game, keep in mind to read the tiny print.

You aren’t going to able to use this approach for pairing the AirPods if the game you’re playing as well as the Remote Play application is incompatible.

A Network Connectivity Check is Necessary

For a smoother experience, an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps and, ideally, 15 Mbps is required. These procedures should be followed to assess your PS4’s speed of connection.

Navigate to Settings and choose Network. Click the Test Internet Connection button. Additionally, you may want to examine the Remote Play app-running device’s connectivity. Also, if many devices are linked to the exact same Network, the footage will probably be slow or delayed.

How Could Any Headphone Cables be Connected to a PS4?

  1. Start your PS4 and use a controller to go to the Options.
  2. Devices may be found by scrolling down.
  3. Decide on audio equipment.
  4. Connect the PS4 gamepad to the connected headset.
  5. Headset Attached to Controller should be selected after Output Device.
  6. Return to the Sound Devices page, then choose to Adjust Microphone Level. Use the slider to suitably adjust the instrument’s input volume.
  7. Return to the Audio Sources tab and choose Output to Headphones before choosing All Audio.

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