How to Connect Canon MG3220 Printer to WIFI? Easy Steps!!

The renowned Canon 3220 is indeed an excellent printer, and as such, it just has exceptional size and characteristics. Regardless if you are unfamiliar with the wifi SSID or passwords, WPS enables you to attach the wireless setup connection. How to connect Canon MG3220 printer to WIFI? We invite you to read this post in its entirety so that you can learn more about the Canon MG3220 Network Settings Install techniques. Let’s investigate how.

What is Canon MG3220 Printer?

A basic inkjet printer from Canon is the MG3220. The Canon PIXMA MG3220 produces beautifully while needing little from you in terms of effort. For each print to be sharp, it uses Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering, aka FINE, because it is more frequently called. AirPrint, as well as a built-in printing capability, are additional features that come with this Canon printer.

Environmentally friendly built-in automated 2-sided publishing can save your newspaper use by more than 50%. Without the need for drivers, print documents to any MG3220 using any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! It is simple to replace paper and cartridges from the front side of the printers thanks to the FastFront function.

How to Connect Canon MG3220 Printer to WIFI?

A hardware WPS push button should be at the entry point as we proceed.

Step 1

Verify that the printer is switched on. The LED will be lit if the electricity is already on.

  1. For around five seconds, hit the printer’s Maintenance key.
  2. Verify the LED illuminates.

Step 2

  1. Select Fit to Page here on the second step.
  2. Check that now the LED is flashing, and then within two minutes, push the WPS button at any entry point. Because as the printer looks for or connects to the entry point, its blue Wi-Fi bulb will flash.
  3. The LED turns on for approximately 3 seconds, after which it changes to the number “1.” Check to see if the printer’s colored Wi-Fi bulb is on.

Confirming the Network Configuration

You may make a copy of the network configuration for the printer to verify that it is tremendous advantages to the local wireless network.

  1. Check to see if the printer has been turned up.
  2. Insert a piece of card stock in the A4 or Letter size.
  3. Keep pressing the Maintenance button till the LED turns on.
  4. Select either the Black or Color buttons.

When using the printed copy, make sure the “Link Status” column reads “Active” as well as the “SSID” field, which contains the address of the wireless connection, is filled out correctly.

The WPS setup is now complete.

How Do I Manually Connect to My Canon Wireless Printer?

  • Step 1
  1. Perform the setup from the printer’s CD supplied with the box.
  2. Select Next.
  3. As a connector, pick Wireless Connection.
  4. Check that the printer is on, and select Next.
  • Step 2
  1. Press the internet connection button.
  2. Around 5 seconds should be spent holding down the printer’s Maintenance key. Click Next after that.
  3. Check to see whether the LED illuminates. Press Next after that.
  4. Select a USB Cable for Wireless Setup.
  5. After choosing your area, select Next.
  6. After choosing your region, select Next.
  • Step 3
  1. After choosing the program you want to install, hit Next.
  2. To accept the end customer licensing agreement, answer Yes. Select Next.
  3. Use the USB cord that came with your printer to attach it to the computer.
  4. A display will be displayed when your printer is discovered. Your device’s linked access point will be identified by name. To confirm that this is the wireless network, select Yes. If not, select No.
  5. Select Next after removing the printer’s cable from the PC.
  6. The brand of the printer, as well as the identity of the wireless connection, are displayed on the next screen. Finish by clicking. Select OK.

The setup is finished here.

Where Do I Find the WPS on My Canon Printer?

You have a choice between using setup OR pressing the WPS button located on the printer to enter the WPS options.

If such a button is accessible, pay special attention to the printer’s keys to find one that has a wifi icon. Within two minutes, push both of these buttons as well as the WPS key on the network. Whereas if the button is missing, you may still join by using the touch screen to access the printer’s configuration.

The ability to publish a document from any PC that uses the same Printer is made possible by this click when all of the machines in a particular office complex are linked to a single network. You may also consult the printer’s handbook or the Canon webpage for further details on where the WPS key is located if you need help finding it on a particular printer.

Canon MG3220 WIFI setup without WPS

Please use the Disc or the most recent files from the Canon webpage to set up the printing on the desktop to use any WPA key to link it to your network. For a brief period of time during the installation, you will need to connect the connection to any machine using USB briefly.

If you push the WPS PIN key using your laptop, a wireless link to an electronics printer will show it. Avoid connecting to this website using the router. Your system would supply the WPS pin whenever it finds a print server. Make sure to keep an eye out for a created PIN on the printer’s display.

When you press the Stop button on the printer, wait for it to inform people of the warning by flashing an orange strobe lighting 15 times without letting off the switch. A digital diagram, including instructions for configuring the wireless connection, will be displayed to you.

For the purpose of connecting the device to the network, this setup will require users to input their network password. Also required as part of the setup is a temporary USB connection between the printer and PC. Any regular A to B USB will work as a replacement for the initial connection if it isn’t found.

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