How to Delete Device On Govee App? Clean Up Your Smart Home!

Ever wondered “How to delete a device on Govee app?” As smart homes evolve, managing devices on platforms like Govee becomes crucial. Then, you will be able to make the most of your smart devices. This guide dives deep into not just device deletion but also offers insights into grouping Govee devices and enhancing control across multiple gadgets. Simplifying your Govee experience, this discussion will provide you with essential tips and tricks to manage Govee devices on the application. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, our detailed steps will make your Govee journey smoother.

Can you Remove a Device from the Govee App?

Yes, you can remove a device from the Govee app. When managing your smart home devices, the Govee app provides users with the flexibility to not only add but also delete any device from their accounts.

You might want to remove a device from the app if it malfunctions or you want to upgrade the device. This feature ensures that users can maintain a streamlined list of devices, making device management more efficient and user-friendly.

It’s crucial, however, to be cautious when removing devices to prevent any unintended loss of device-specific data or settings.

How to Delete a Device On the Govee App?

The most straightforward method to delete a device on the Govee app is through the app’s device management interface. This simple process allows users to maintain a clutter-free and organized list of their smart devices.

If you follow this comprehensive guide, there is no chance for you to make mistakes!

  1. Launch the Govee Home App: Begin by opening the Govee app on your smartphone. Ensure you’re logged in to your account, which houses your added devices.
  2. Access the ‘Devices’ Section: The main interface typically showcases a list of all connected smart devices. This list is often under the ‘Devices’ or ‘My Devices’ tab. The app version can make the changes in tab naming. 
  3. Identify the Target Device: Browse through your list of devices and select the one you’re keen on removing. The list is generally organized either alphabetically or based on the addition date.
  4. Device Options: Once located, tap on the device’s name or the accompanying icon. This action will lead you to the device’s specific settings or options, frequently symbolized by a gear icon or three vertical dots.
  5. Initiate Deletion: Within the device-specific settings, there should be an option labeled ‘Delete Device’ or something similar. Tap on that red-colored button. 
  6. Confirm Deletion: A prompt will likely appear, asking for confirmation. This is a safety measure to prevent accidental deletions. Confirm your intent, and the device will be removed from your list.

How Do I Group Devices On the Govee App

How Do I Group Devices On the Govee App?

The most efficient way to group devices on the Govee app is by utilizing its device grouping feature, which streamlines control over multiple devices simultaneously.

If you do not have an idea about the correct steps to follow, adhere to this procedure. 

  1. Launch the Govee Home App: Firstly, open the Govee app on your smartphone. Make sure you’re logged into your user account, where all your paired devices are listed.
  2. Access the ‘Devices’ Section: On the main dashboard, you will see a tab called ‘Devices’ or ‘My Devices. Select it and view the list of all your added smart devices.
  3. Initiate Grouping: Then, look for an option labeled ‘Create Group’, ‘Add Group’, or similar. This option is typically either at the top right corner or at the bottom of the devices list.
  4. Select Devices: Once you’ve initiated the grouping process, you’ll be prompted to select the devices you wish to group together. Tick or check the devices that you want to include in this particular group.
  5. Name Your Group: After selecting the devices, you can assign a unique name to your group. It would be better to name the group like “Living Room Lights” or “Bedroom Ambiance” to identify and access it easily. 
  6. Save and Finalize: Finally, confirm the grouping by saving or finalizing your choices. Your new device group should now appear in the main ‘Devices’ tab, allowing for unified control.


How Many Govee Devices Can you Have?

The number of Govee devices you can have largely depends on individual user needs and the capability of the Govee app.

Anyways, when it comes to the number of devices that can be connected to a Wi-Fi network, it is limited to only 7 Govee devices.

Accordingly, Wi-Fi bandwidth and app responsiveness may influence the overall user experience if too many devices are added. Always refer to Govee’s official documentation or support channels for the most current details.

Can you Control Govee Lights with Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can control Govee lights with multiple devices. When using the Govee app, it allows users to log in from different smartphones or tablets.

Once logged in, each device gains the capability to manage and adjust the Govee lights. However, it’s essential to ensure all devices have the latest version of the app for seamless functionality and synchronized control.

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