How to Fix Govee LED Lights that are of Different Colors? Resolving the Issue!

Imagine arranging your Govee LED lights to produce an eye-catching lighting show, only to find that the colors must match or be consistent. It might be unpleasant when the intended atmosphere is disturbed by your Govee LED lights emitting various colors.

Do not worry! This article examines fixes for Govee LED lights that display various colors. We explain the essentials of having a harmonic and synchronized color experience with your Govee LED lights, from diagnosing connectivity issues to modifying settings and configurations.

Prepare to restore consistency and envelop yourself in a world of colorful illumination that is both balanced and harmonious.

Why are Some of My Govee LED Lights Different Colors?

If some of your Govee LED lights display different colors, it is likely due to a burned-out bulb. A burned-out light bulb indicates the filament inside has broken.

It could be due to several factors, including poor quality, frequent usage leading to filament wear, or electrical issues that lead to overheating and filament breaking.

Burned-out bulbs the Govee LEDs’ delicate balance of hues, giving off an unbalanced image. The burned-out bulb must be changed to a new one to fix this problem. This replacement will bring your Govee LED lights’ colors back to harmony.

When installing your Govee LED lights important to choose high-quality LED bulbs and ensure the wiring is in place.

Poor-quality LEDs could have less reliable filaments and are more prone to failure.

Proper wiring methods and suitable electrical setups contribute to the longevity and reliable operation of LED lights.

You can ensure your Govee LED lights provide a unified and aesthetically pleasant lighting experience by taking care of burned-out bulbs and maintaining high-quality components.

Why Won’t My Govee Lights Stay One Color?

If your Govee lights fail to display one color, there are a few common causes of this problem.

The buildup of dirt or debris on the LEDs, which prevents the complete emission of light, is one potential cause. Remove any buildup by cleaning the LEDs with a gentle cloth or cotton swab to address this.

Incorrect voltage is another potential cause of color inconsistency. The output of color may be impacted if the voltage supplied is outside the acceptable range since LED lights are sensitive to voltage changes. Ensure the voltage supplied to your Govee lights follows the manufacturer’s recommendations to preserve color constancy.

You can help your Govee lights stay one color and provide a consistent and brilliant lighting experience by cleaning the LEDs and checking the voltage.

How to Fix Govee LED Lights that are Different Colors?

You can try the following techniques to solve the problem if your Govee LED lights change colors.

  • Examine the Remote’s Batteries – Check if the remote control’s batteries are in good condition. Replace them with new batteries and try again if they are exhausted. The remote’s ability to operate the lights effectively can be improved by strong batteries.
  • Reset the Lights – Try resetting the lights if the batteries are still OK but the colors are still off. Press and hold the remote control’s power button for around three seconds. It will start a reset procedure that might allow the lights to look like they are all the same color again.

Different-colored Govee LED lights can be resolved by checking that the remote batteries are in good condition and performing a reset. These troubleshooting procedures frequently address minor problems or inconsistencies, allowing you to use uniform and attractive illumination.

how to make your LED lights tow different colors at the same time

How to Make your LED Lights Two Different Colors at the Same Time?

These steps can be used on LED lights to achieve two colors simultaneously.

  • Employ RGB LEDs – Three internal Red, Green, and Blue LEDs are present in RGB LEDs. You may produce various colors by varying the intensity of each internal LED. These LEDs provide the flexibility to create many color combinations.
  • Activate One LED at a Time – You can turn on one at a time to get two colors. For example, you can choose the red LED to emit red light. The green LED emits green light. You can mix the two colors to combine red and green.
  • Explore Color Combinations – You may create a wide range of colors by carefully blending two colors from the RGB spectrum. Try out several pairings to find the right color effects.

You can regulate and mix various colors using RGB LEDs, making attractive lighting displays possible.

The unusual visual effect of concurrently having two different colors on your LED lights can be achieved by altering the intensity of each internal LED and experimenting with color combinations.

Play with colors and create mesmerizing lighting designs to let your imagination shine.

How Do Reset Govee LED Lights?

These steps can be used to reset Govee LED lights.

  • Using the Controller – Find the controller’s reset or power button, often located close to the light strip or the power adapter. Press and hold the reset or power button for roughly 5 to 10 seconds until the lights flash. This flashing indicates a successful reset.
  • Reset the Power Cable – By unplugging it from the Govee lights and leaving it there for around 30 seconds. Reconnect the power cable after that. This step causes a soft reset, which can fix little problems.
  • Reset the Remote Control – Press and hold the power and middle Color Mode buttons simultaneously for four seconds. This combination of characters starts a complete factory reset. When the reset is finished, the light strip will flash.
  • App Reset – Open the Govee Home app and make sure your lamp is on to reset the app. Next, press and hold your finger on the light you want to reset for around five seconds. A successful reset will be visible when the light turns off, then back on.

You may fix potential problems with your Govee LED lights and return them to their factory settings using these reset techniques. You can get a seamless and ideal lighting experience by following these procedures, which address frequent issues.

Can I Contact Govee Customer Service to Fix the Issue?

The answer is yes. You can get help from Govee customer support with any problems you might be having. You can find Govee FAQs and contact information on their website (

They offer a dedicated customer care team to respond to your questions. They offer the support you require.

Govee is committed to providing superior customer service and is eager to give its clients the ideal support experience.

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