How to Get to Settings on ONN TV without Remote? Unlocking ONN TV Settings!

It might be irritating to lose your TV remote. Additionally, there is a chance that your remote will be harmed or possibly physically shattered. When this occurs, you are bound to search online or at your neighborhood retailers for an alternative remote. How to get to Settings on ONN TV without Remote?

Utilize this tutorial to test out all the many ways to access Settings on an ONN TV with no remote if you get stuck. Discover your options on what to do if your Roku TV remote breaks.

How to Get to Settings on ONN TV without Remote?

The following techniques can be used to switch on any Onn Roku TV without utilizing a remote. Study each technique and choose one that works best with your Onn TV.

On Any Onn Roku TV, Find the Power Key

Thankfully, the majority of Roku TVs come equipped with an on-screen Power switch. But it’s concealed behind, to the side of, or beneath the TV. On any Onn Roku TV, the power switch may be found in the four positions shown below.

The Right Side is on the Television’s Back

The rear right-hand edge of the Onn TV is the initial place you should look to locate the Power switch. You will be able to locate the Power switch in a little gap at the rear of the TV and the right side after sliding it a little forward.

The TV’s Center is On the Bottom

The Power key on the Onn TV may also be found below the center of the device. It could be tucked away behind the Onn TV branding, to the edges of it, or higher back.

The Left-side Rear of the Television

Try looking for the Power key on the rear left side of an Onn TV in case you can’t find it located in the center. The Power switch may be located in a tiny slot along the left side of your TV if you tilt it slightly ahead.

Below the TV, On the Left

The TV’s left underbelly is the final location you may look for. According to the TV type, it can be hidden underneath your Onn TV’s data receiver. When you feel a little button, which is probably the Power button, attempt to get it.

The Mobile Device should be Installed with an External Control App

According to your mobile device, there are a lot of remote applications accessible in the application store. Many may function because they have an IR receiver built in more effectively than others.

The most effective remote application to turn on an Onn TV using a smartphone, nevertheless, appears to be Twinone Universal Remote. Find this app by searching the passing shop.

After installing it, launch the app and choose your TV manufacturer, look it up using one of its auto-search choices, or manually put in the model number.

The steps to link your cell phone and the TV should be followed. Launch your app after you’re finished, and you will be prepared to begin directing!

Utilize the Roku App

Onn TV can be controlled from your mobile device using the Roku app.

  • The smartphone application should be downloaded and installed using the Roku app.
  • Join your smartphone & Onn TV into a single WiFi connection.
  • Open the Roku app, then choose the device.
  • Click on remote after choosing Onn TV in the list.

Currently, you can use a smartphone to control your Onn Roku TV. To navigate quickly, tap on the controls visible on the smartphone’s panel.

Utilize Nintendo Switch

This ONN TV may also be turned on with your Nintendo Switch. Once you set the subsequent options on the Nintendo Switch, anytime you come the switches on, the television will be turned on immediately.

  • Access the main screen by turning on the Nintendo button.
  • Choose ‘System Settings.
  • Navigate to the ‘TV Settings’ menu and choose the option Negotiation TV Energy State.
  • ‘Enable’ the options.

When the television has been linked via HDMI to the mobile dock, and the converter is also attached to the docking station, follow these instructions for turning the TV on.

Turn On the Television with the Play Station 4

The Play Station 4 is an additional gaming console that can be used to turn on the Onn TV. You may use the Play Station 4 to turn on your TV by following these instructions after connecting it via HDMI to any Onn smart TV.

  • The Settings button is available on the Play Station 4’s Main screen.
  • Choose System from the menu now.
  • A checkbox labeled Enable HDMI Devices Link will be shown.
  • Put a check in the box.
  • Right now, if you turn on the Play Station 4 and attach it to the television via an HDMI connection, the Onn TV will additionally come on.

Get an All-purpose Remote Control

A universal remote for your television is preferable to purchasing a new genuine Onn TV remote.

This is advised for individuals without a gaming console as well as a built-in IR transmitter on their cell phones.

Amazon sells a replacement Onn TV control at a reasonable price. Before making a purchase, carefully read the item’s information and verify the model information.

You may download a lot of third-party Onn TV applications for your smartphone or tablet device. The software serves as an easy-to-use controller for Onn Roku TV. Make sure your mobile device is linked to the exact same WiFi network as Onn TV.

What should I do If my Onn Roku TV Remote is Broken

What should I do If my Onn Roku TV Remote is Broken?

The excessive charge that builds up as time passes within the remote controller’s wiring is one of the common reasons for an uncooperative remote. In this situation, all that is required of you is to reset the television remote control after draining the extra energy.

  • First, take the remote’s wires out.
  • Now turn off the TV’s power source.
  • Re-establish the TV’s power connection once ten seconds have passed.
  • Replace the batteries inside the remote control after the Home screen has loaded.
  • Before hitting a button, allow 30 seconds to make sure the remote is currently operating flawlessly.

The remote’s connection to the TV as well as appropriate operation, can also be improved by restarting and resetting the TV. By holding down the ON button of the TV, you may achieve this.

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