How to Hang LED Strip Lights Without Adhesive? Simple Methods!!

The use of LED strip lights is a common approach to give a space more style and illumination. They are available in a range of hues and fashions and have numerous uses. Despite the fact that they are frequently marketed with adhesive, there are situations when it is necessary or desirable to hang these without adhesive. How to hang LED strip lights without adhesive? If you are curious to find out and want advice on how to do it, continue reading this article.

Why Avoid Adhesive for Hanging LED Strip Lights?

The adhesive isn’t something that everyone likes to use on their walls or other surfaces. The use of adhesives can harm the paint and polish of the surface. When removed, the glue may leave unsightly stains on the surfaces. A further drawback of utilizing adhesives to connect LED strips is that they are difficult to move in the future.

Additionally, the stickiness of the strip can be loosened or damaged with time. This may occur because of climatic conditions, such as being too hot or cold. And also, some adhesives won’t withstand heavy wind or natural disasters like earthquakes.

Can LED Strip Lights be Hung Without Adhesive?

Yes. We can hang LED strips without adhesive.

Factors such as the weight and length of the strip, the type of surface, and the desired location will affect the ability of LED strips to hang up without adhesive.

  • Weight: If the strip is heavier with more LED bulbs, it will be difficult to hang the strips without adhesive. The strip may look to fallout.
  • Type of Surface: The type of surface causes a huge impact when hanging the LED strips. You must choose the correct method to match the relevant surface to hang up the strips. If not, the strip will be unstable and fall out.
  • Desired Location: You have to choose a specific location to hang out these strips. And the method used instead of the adhesive will depend on the location because you need to hang it for your desires. So, it will be a bit difficult without adhesive.

How to Hang LED Strip Lights with Clips or Mounting Brackets?

These clips have screws in them. Let’s see how to use these to hang the LED strips.

  1. First, you should select the location where you need mounting brackets to hang the LED strip.
  2. Considering the relevant location and the length of the strip, calculate the number of clips or the mounting brackets you would need for this.
  3. The mounting brackets or clips need to be put up on the wall. Each clip should be spaced apart by 12 inches or one foot. The increased separation will result in less-firm installation.
  4. To attach the mounting brackets on the wall, you’ll need a drill. The LED strips on the clips can then be adjusted. This approach works well for long-term installation.
  5. Finally, on the LED and see how it works.

How to Hang LED Strip Lights with Clips or Mounting Brackets

How to Hang LED Strip Lights with Magnets?

  1. Choose the Proper Surface

Choosing the proper type of surface is the most crucial step in this approach for hanging LED lights without adhesive.

You can put the magnets anywhere if you’re mounting the LED strips on some kind of metal surface. You can also drill metallic screws as an alternative.

  1. Put the Strips in the Exact Position

Locate the LED light strips either directly on the screws or on top of the metal surface.

Ensure you don’t have any sharp bends on the strip.

  1. Insert the Magnets

Now arrange the magnets so that the strip runs between them and the screws or metal surface. The LED strip will be held in place by the magnet and metal pressing in the same direction.

  1. Check and Correct

Check the strip’s functionality by plugging it in.

How to Hang LED Strip Lights with Suction Cups?

It is preferable to keep long light strings away from windows.

It’s simple to hang festive or partying lights from windows by putting hooked wire suckers—basically suction cups—into the glass. By using suction cups, you can get help from windows when hanging long string lights.

Suction cups are available in various sizes. Select the size of the suction cup that you will need to hang the LED strip. If needed, slice the clasp to hang the LED strip in the correct way. Stick the suction cup to a smooth surface where it will hang strongly for a longer time.

Test it and adjust or take necessary actions to modify it if needed.

How to Hang LED Strip Lights with Wire or Thread?

Using threads or wires is another method to hang LED lights without adhesive. Choose the locations for the starting and finishing points of your LED strip lights.

  • Attach the Thread: Now cautiously attach a wire or a thread to the starting location. In the end, tie the thread by pulling it securely.
  • Join the LED Strip to the Thread: Gently wrap the thread with the LED strip. The components may be harmed if the strip is wrapped too tightly.
  • Connect an LED Strip to the Wire or the Thread: Weave the LED strip carefully around the thread. Wrapping the strip too tightly risked damaging the components.
  • Check and Correct: Test the strip’s functionality by plugging it in. 

How to Hang LED Strip Lights with Curtain Rods or Command Hooks?

  1. Decide Where you Want to Put the LED Strip Lights

The exact location of the LED lights must be marked before moving on, just like with the other ways.

  1. Identify the Position and Quantity of the Curtain Rods or Command Hooks

You can purchase hooks or clips made specifically for LED strip lights.

They come with extensions or screws and a slider into which LED strips can slide. The user guide of these hooks will offer advice concerning the number of hooks you’ll require to accommodate the complete length of the LED strip lights.

  1. Install the Curtain Rods or Hooks

Screw in the curtain rods or hooks at the previously designated spots with a drill or a screwdriver. 

  1. Insert LED Strip Lighting

Now, carefully insert the LED strip lights into the hooks’ grooves. Verify that no portion of the strip is being pinched or twisted by the hooks curtain rods.

  1. Examine and Modify

Check the strip’s functionality by plugging it in.

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