How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling? Multiple Methods

If you hate drilling your own wall or you are on a rented property, and the building owner doesn’t want any unnecessary holes in the walls; then here comes the problem when you are going to mount a projector screen. So let’s see how to mount a projector screen without drilling.

In case you plan to mount your projector screen permanently, you don’t have any other option; you will have to drill your walls. But luckily you have many options, if you want to mount your projector screen temporarily. You can choose any method the article explains later to fix your projector screen to the wall.

Can You Hang Projectors without Drilling?

The simple answer to the above question is yes. You can hang the projector screen without drilling and damaging your walls. There are plenty of ways to hang the projector screen without drilling any unnecessary holes. Most of these options are inexpensive and less to maintain. And you hardly need any help.

You can hang your projector screen to the wall with the help of Velcro tape, apartment-friendly tension rods, PVC pipe, and many more options. All these options mentioned above are easy to follow, and you can find these aids in any hardware stores.

How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling?

There are several methods to mount the projector screen without drilling. Here we have listed some of the most easy but effective ways. Keep reading to find out full details.

  1. A Projector Screen Stand

Using a projector screen stand is one of the best and safest options to mount your screen without drilling. And it is not vital to have technical knowledge for this. And, this stand is lightweight and portable. Thus, anyone can move the screen very quickly. So, the usage of the projector screen stand cannot be limited for formal projections. You can have a lovely outdoor movie night too!

  1. Hard Wall Hangers

This option is a very inexpensive option to mount your projector screen. You can tap the hard wall hangers to the wall and mount your projector screen. You won’t even notice the nails on the hard wall hangers as they are small.

  1. Apartment-Friendly Tension Rods

This method is complex, but it doesn’t involve drilling. Read and follow the instructions on packaging to create your tension rods and hang the screen between two rods.

  1. Command Hooks

This is also an inexpensive method to mount your projector screen. It is straightforward to fix these command hooks, and they can hold the weight for up to 15 pounds. All you need to do is to measure your projector screen and attach the command hooks according to the measurements, and you are good to go.

  1. Brick Clamps

Brick clamps are the most suitable option in case you have a brick wall. You can mount almost anything using brick clamps. These brick clamps consist of saw-tooth edges that help hold the brick. When buying brick clamps, first you should measure the depth of your mortar. And before you mount anything on the brick walls, take some time to check whether the bricks have straight edges.

  1. PVC pipe

You first have to measure the projector screen and cut the PVC pipe for the size of the projector screen. Then use a PVC elbow for both corners. The top part is ready; the next step you have to do is to make the bottom part. Take two pieces of pipe which are 18 inches, and attach two-foot pieces of pipe using PVC Tees. Do this twice to hold the projector screen, so you will need two. Now that everything is ready, you can mount your projector screen, and the best part is you can keep this anywhere in your house or outdoors.

  1. Hanging Strips

These hanging strips are mainly used to hang pictures or mirrors and can also mount projector screens without any issue.

You can mount your projector screen with any of the above methods without doing any drilling or any other damage to your wall. All methods are pocket-friendly since the items are less expensive and you do not need to hire a professional. According to your convenience and time, you can choose a technique.

Can a Ceiling Hold a Projector Screen?

Yes, your ceiling can hold your projector screen. You first have to identify the ceiling parts that can fit your projector screen. First, you will need a ladder to reach the ceiling. Then, you can use a stud sensor to identify the ceiling joists. Make the mounting brackets at the center of the ceiling and mark the ceiling areas that you will screw later. Then place the brackets and screw the mounting brackets, and there you go. Now you can place your projector screen.

You also can project your projector onto your ceiling. It will not be like launching the projector to the wall. It will need a little setup if you are launching the projector to the ceiling. As long as your ceiling is painted with a color close to white, you are good to go. You can use the ceiling as a projector screen.

Can You Screw to a Wall without Drilling?

No, this is not possible to do. You should definitely drill if you want to screw something onto the wall. You can use many other options to hang or mount anything without drilling, but you cannot screw to a wall without drilling.

You can use command strips, hooks, brick clamps, and hanging strips, Tension rods, L shape wall hangers, hard wall hangers, PVC pipes, and many more. Using any of these methods, you will be able to mount anything onto your wall without drilling.

Hope you got all the necessary information on mounting a projector screen onto the wall without drilling. All the ways we have mentioned above, you can do it yourself, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or effort fixing your projector screen.

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