How to Refund Channel Points on Twitch? [Full Step Guide]

Channel Points are indeed the nicest way to honour community members. These could be utilised to thank your group by offering them benefits that are often only available to members and are only available on your channel. It increases interaction and enables broadcasters to thank their audience. Content creators give channel points out to those who attend their streams. In exchange, fans can exchange their channel points for prizes. Nevertheless, there are situations when a user may use a prize that is not available. The streamer should be required to pay back the channel points in these circumstances. So, how to refund channel points on Twitch? Let us find out.

How Do Channel Points Work?

Twitch channel points are the users of the credit gained from viewing a certain broadcast. Broadcasters affiliated with and associated with Twitch may create and establish Bonuses. The incentives, however, may only be redeemed by fans if they have reached a particular threshold in Twitch channel points.

Channel points serve as a motivator for users to stick with a stream and continue watching its feeds. Channel points benefit both fans and broadcasters since they reward users for participating and give them a chance to draw in even more followers than normal.

How to Award Points on Twitch?

The use of channel points can help you use them inside your broadcast and improve community engagement. Increasing engagement with the channel is the outcome of increased participation in the broadcast, which earns the audience member extra marks and awards. They aid community members in connecting with your stream, together with additional resources like Twitch-given subs.

Giving points on Twitch is a painless task when you are a Twitch Partner or Affiliate. The option is available in the Twitch Developer Dashboard.

  • Navigate to your Creator Dashboard.
  • Go to Communities under Stream Manager and then pick Channel Points.
  • Turn on Channel Points Enablement.

How Do You Earn Channel Points as an Audience?

Examine the Little Channel Points Handbook. Credits may be started just by tuning in to the station. For each and every five minutes a non-subscriber spends viewing the live broadcast, they are awarded 10 points. You will begin to accrue additional credits on Twitch as you participate further, such as by regularly viewing the stream, keeping up an observe streak, receiving your first gift membership, and so on.

You can receive 300 channel points for each stream you subscribe to. The best approach is to keep a watch streak. On Twitch, you receive 300 channel credits for watching two streams in a row. Fifty points are awarded each time this streak extends. 

As a spectator, you may consider increasing your total score. Furthermore, joining the channel is the simplest method to gain more rewards on Twitch. Members receive more credits than non-members. As a member, you may observe and interact with the stream. There are three main levels of users, and Level 3 would be where your channel-watching rewards rise the fastest.

How to Redeem Twitch Channel Points?

Occasionally, individuals in your group will request prizes that you cannot provide, in which case you should repay their channel points. Here’s how to reclaim your Twitch channel points back.

You must be a broadcaster or a moderator to return the channel points.

How to Return Channel Points as a Streamer on Twitch?

Streamers may use the procedures listed below to repay channel points on Twitch:

  • Click on your account symbol to see your Designer Dashboard.
  • Look under “Fan Rewards” and choose “Channel points.”
  • You may control the channel credits you receive from your followers when they refund their bonuses by visiting “Control Prizes and Tasks.”
  • Navigate to the “Review Requests List” after clicking “Control Bonuses and Tasks.”
  • By doing so, you may examine all of the channel points awards that viewers have earned in a pop-up award line window.
  • You can see the awards that have been claimed on the left and the spectators who’ve already claimed them on the right.
  • If you tag them as finished, your audience will receive rewards and collect rewards. Keep in mind that if you select “Mark as finished,” you won’t be able to retrieve the channel points.
  • You must “Dismiss” the fans’ redemption request to return the channel points.
  • Additionally, you may pick many items at once and decline them to return their channel points.

How to Get your Twitch Channel Points Back as a Mod?

You may return channel points on the stream you are moderating as well. The procedure is identical, and you may adjust the channel points by going to the “Evaluation Request line” webpage.

Take the following actions as a moderator to restore channel points on Twitch:

  • Locate the Mod Look icon in the streamer’s discussion area to access the mod options.
  • The Stream Actions menu is located in the mod point’s bottom right corner.
  • The “Review inquiries queue” is found in the Channel activities panel.
  • You may arrive at the exact reward management screen as in part above as well you reach the “Review requests queue,” on which you can “Mark as Complete” or “Dismiss” the claims.
  • If you deny the request, you can return the channel points. You won’t be capable to complete the refund if you “Mark as Completed.”

Whats The Definition of Channel Points Predictions?

Across all members of Twitch, linked sites, and groups, Channel Points Predictions was first implemented in 2021.

When the function was launched, Twitch hailed it as “a new ability that enables artists to connect their whole audience, simultaneously providing fans a part in the excitement of their favourite broadcasts,” describing it as “Channel Points Predictions.”

The administrator, or mod, or moderators, known on the application, is the only one who can operate the predictions.

Communities have access to additional data in addition to voting, such as statistics of all total votes, the present generating income, and the most Channel Points utilised.


With the flexible scoring system known as Channel Points, broadcasters may give their participants rewards like a sample of the advantages usually only available to members. All associates and partners have access to it. Streamers may personalise the constructed, automatic awards that come alongside Channel Points. And you can refund your channel points as a streamer or a mod with the help of this article.

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