How to Save Chat in Zoom? [Updated Guide]

Zoom is used to connect online through a smart device for video conferences or webinars. When a video conference meeting is ongoing in zoom, the chat box is the mode used to communicate with the participants to send messages instantly related to the meeting. You can send messages via zoom chat to individual participants or draft messages common to all the participants. But either way, the chats only remain during the meeting, and will not be available even if the meeting disconnects because of a network issue and then rejoined with the same link. Hence it is vital to learn how to save Chat in zoom to avoid inconveniences.

Most of us may need to be aware of how Zoom chat works because we record the meeting, expect the chats to remain, and view the recording as it was. But it is not, which is disappointing because you might have all the positive and negative feedback, queries, or important documents and links shared regarding the meeting. Because of the above reasons, you will want to learn how to save Chat in zoom.

How to Save Chat in Zoom?

You would have a lot of inconveniences and unfortunate situations because you had lost the zoom chat during the meeting. It isn’t very pleasant to realize that the chats don’t remain even when a meeting is recorded though you were expecting it would be there. But this shouldn’t be your concern anymore because all these are temporary until you read this article. We have a solution for saving your Chat in zoom; all you need to do is keep reading till the end. Follow the steps below to successfully save a chat during a zoom meeting.

  1. Open the Zoom application, go to Chat settings and enable the option to allow users to save Chat. If the host does not enable this option, none of the participants including the host can save the chats.
  2. Join or start the meeting.
  3. When you send or receive a chat during the meeting, click Chat.
  4. Now at the bottom of the screen, you will see three dots, and click on them.
  5. Select save Chat, and the messages are saved with the recording.
  6. Now the zoom recording can be saved on your PC, selecting the default, as Documents, Downloads, or Desktop.

Above we have discussed how you can save a chat, but you might miss the rest of the chats during the meeting. Hence, if you want to save the entire chat list during a zoom webinar, you can follow the steps below, but ensure the host has enabled the option for the participants to save chats if you are joining.

  1. Log in to the zoom app and join the meeting.
  2. Select the setting on the left side of the screen.
  3. Now scroll down to find “In meeting (Basic)” and go to chats.
  4. You will see a check box that says, “Allow users to save chats from the meeting.”

How to Enable Auto-save Chats in Zoom?

The previous method discussed is how to save chats in zoom manually when the meeting is going on, which means you can choose what chats you need and not during the meeting. But you also have the option to save the chats automatically when the meeting is recorded. It is so much easier as you don’t have to worry about your chats saving or not when there is a meeting. Hence, below we have given the steps to follow to save chats automatically in zoom.

  1. Open your zoom application, and start the meeting.
  2. Now select ‘’settings” on the left side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to find “In meeting (Basic).
  4. Below on the list you will find the Auto-saving option, toggle on.
  5. The chats are automatically saved every time the zoom meeting is recorded and saved on the PC.

How to Disable Auto-save Chats in Zoom?

If you use a zoom account only for professional use, enable the auto-save chats option in zoom. Won’t be a problem. Though it is effortless to have the chats automatically saved during a meeting, it will also hold a lot of space and unnecessary or irrelated conversations with the recording. For this reason, you will want to disable the auto-save chats in zoom.

You can easily disable the option like you previously enabled the auto-save. Log in to zoom, start the meeting, go to settings and disable by toggling the enabled option, and the chats are no more automatically saved.

How to Find Saved Chats After the Zoom Webinar?

Once the zoom meeting is over, you may need help finding where the chats are saved; though you can open the recording, you might need help finding the saved chats. But if you follow the steps below, you can easily find your saved chats.

  1. Go to File Explorer on your PC and find the Zoom folder.
  2. Now, find the zoom meeting by date, time, the name of the meeting, and meeting ID.
  3. Select the meeting you need to see the chats.
  4. You will find a text chat folder, open it.
  5. Now you can copy the chats if you need to a word document or notes.


Zoom chats are used to communicate and share stuff regarding the meeting. But what happens when the Zoom chats aren’t there in the recording? It definitely should have been disappointing if you couldn’t find the zoom chats despite the recorded meeting. Because most of the time, we assume that the chats are saved when the session is recorded. However, zoom chats only automatically save if you have enabled the option in your account, or manually saved it during the webinar.

Thus, we have taught you how to save Chat in zoom by contemplating different topics to make the article helpful. We have included topics like enabling and disabling auto-save chats on zoom and finding saved chats after a zoom webinar.

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