How to See How Long You’ve Been on Facetime? Here’s How to Find Out!

The reality that Apple fails to render it simple to determine how long you’ve been engaged on a call is one of the minor drawbacks of FaceTime. It’s simple to lose track of time when chatting with someone you like. You must be wondering whether you can track down the time duration of your conversation. Read the article to get answers to all these questions.

Can I Track the Duration of My Facetime Calls on my Device?

Follow the following instructions to see the duration that your most recent conversation via FaceTime lasted:

  1. Navigate to the Phone app on an iPad or the FaceTime app on an iPhone.
  2. (If using an iPhone) Click the ‘Recents’ option.
  3. You are typically able to locate the FaceTime call you’re searching for.
  4. On the right side of the screen, press the ‘i’ icon.
  5. Search for the call duration underneath the area with all of the icons.
  6. The following will let you know if the call was incoming or outgoing and what was the length of the call overall.

In case you are currently in a conversation, you must first disconnect before attempting to use this approach to seek out this information because it operates only after the phone conversation concludes.

How Can I View the Call Duration During a Facetime Call on iPhone?

Using the Phone app delivered with your iPhone, you can quickly determine how much time a FaceTime call has taken. The necessary information can be accessed through the dedicated FaceTime app on an iPad.

Subsequently, all you need to do to access the data is locate the right call. The call you’ve been searching for is near the top of the screen because both the Phone and the FaceTime app display those with the most recent conversation first.

Can the Call Duration be Checked After a Facetime Call has Ended?

After the phone conversation concludes, there are two ways to figure out the length of time it lasted on FaceTime. The complete information can be accessed on the Phone or FaceTime app. Go through the Recents tab from the Phone app on your iPhone or iPad.

To get an overview of the telephone conversation’s duration, tap the information (i) icon next to the contact or phone number.

Using this technique, you can also figure out how long voice calls on mobile phones last. The FaceTime app is another useful tool for learning how long it took for recent FaceTime calls. In your FaceTime call log, click the i icon next to a contact or phone number.

According to media news accounts, Apple has stopped showing call length in the FaceTime app in iOS 14; yet, researchers had no problem determining the call duration on our test device, an iPhone running iOS 16.

Update the iOS operating system and recheck to determine whether you still can’t see call durations in the FaceTime app. If your issue continues, try using the Phone app, which keeps track of the duration of every call that comes in or goes out.

The FaceTime program for Mac laptops does not show the length of recent FaceTime calls. The contact card, not the call information, appears when you click the info (i) icon next to a contact or phone number on macOS.

Can I View the Total Facetime Call Duration for a Specific Period

Can I View the Total Facetime Call Duration for a Specific Period?

Follow the below  simple steps:

  • Click the “Phone” or “FaceTime” on your device.
  • Then go to  “Recents” to find out the recent calls.
  • Look for the FaceTime calls that occurred during the time frame that interests you.
  • The entire duration of the call should be displayed for each call item.

Kindly be aware that the above method displays each call’s total amount of time. You could manually sum up the durations of all the FaceTime calls made throughout a given period if you want to determine the available amount of FaceTime calls made during that timeframe.

Furthermore, you can obtain more detailed statistics on usage, including FaceTime usage, if you’ve activated the “Screen Time” option on your iOS device. This is the procedure how:

  • Using your Apple device or iPad, open the “Settings” app.
  • Scroll toward the bottom and select “Screen Time.”
  • Choose “See All Activity” beside “SCREEN TIME” on the menu that appears.
  • To access additional categories, swipe left in the “Most Used” area.
  • Look for “FaceTime” under “Apps” in the list. It will demonstrate usage data, particularly the overall time spent on FaceTime calls over a given time frame.

Remember that depending on the iOS or macOS version you’re running, your privacy preferences and data accessibility might vary.

How Can I See the Call Duration for Individual Facetime Contacts?

  1. Click “Phone icon” in the lower left corner.
  2. Tap the Recent representation to view a list of your most recent calls.
  3. Scroll throughout the list to find the person whose call history you wish to view. Ensure sure you’re on the Recent tab rather than the Missed tab while doing this because the latter will only display a portion of calls that were not answered.
  4. You should contact those individuals you want to examine their history in the Recent tab as soon as possible so that you have a log to look into. Be careful to end the call before it makes it to the recipient.
  5. Select the ‘i’ icon to the upper right of the person’s name.The information would include call history, call duration, call time and date. Furthermore, you can send messages to them back, blocking the contact, writing notes for a specific call, and calling them back.

What does the Call Duration Information Include in the Facetime?

The carryout time frame of the phone conversation is frequently displayed in FaceTime’s call duration statistics. The duration of this period is calculated from the time the phone conversation was established until it was terminated.

Can I View the Call Duration on Facetime for Group Calls? 

On FaceTime, users can see the duration of a group call. The time remaining on a FaceTime call in a group can frequently be displayed on the call interface.

You can view a countdown or running clock during the group FaceTime session that indicates the amount of time the call will last. While the phone conversation continues, the timing device will keep track of the passing seconds and show them. It enables everyone to track how long the conference call has been going for.

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