How to Slow Down Govee Lights? (Common Issues & Solutions)

Are you seeking how to slow down Govee lights for that perfect ambiance? With Govee LED lights, renowned for their versatility, you are able to dramatically alter a room’s mood with speed adjustments. Today, our article will be discussing the why’s, how’s, and alternatives for modulating the pace of these lights, ensuring you maximize your lighting experience. So, come and join us to create your lighting atmosphere with Govee!

Why would you Want to Slow Down Govee Lights?

The primary reason to slow down Govee lights is to create a more relaxed and ambient atmosphere. A slower transition between colors or a gentle pulsing effect can set a calming mood, perfect for unwinding or meditation sessions. Preferences can be changed from one user to the other. Anyways, these are major reasons to change Govee lights’ adjustments. 

  1. Mood Enhancement: A slower light transition can be therapeutic, often used during mindfulness practices to keep pace with breathing exercises.
  2. Movie Nights: When watching a film, excessively quick light changes can be distracting. Slowing them down ensures they accentuate the TV experience without overwhelming it.
  3. Energy Conservation: While the difference might be minimal, a slower transition or pulse might save a bit of energy in the long run.
  4. Increased Lifespan: Constantly rapid changes could potentially reduce the lifespan of the LEDs. Thus, slowing down can help to keep the good condition of lights for longer years. 

Can you Control the Speed of Govee Lights? 

Yes, you can adjust the speed of Govee lights using the Govee Home app or the provided remote control.

Here are the order of steps if you use the app for changes.

  1. Select your device: Ensure your Govee light strip is connected.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Scene’ tab: Here, you’ll find various lighting modes.
  3. Adjust the speed slider: Customize the transition or pulsing speed to your preference.

This feature offers users flexibility in creating the ideal ambiance. Whether for festive occasions or calm evenings, tailoring light speed enhances the overall experience. However, it is vital to keep your application up-to-date.

How to Slow Down Govee Lights?

The best way to slow down Govee lights is by utilizing the Govee Home app or the accompanying remote control. Here is the path to slow down lighting. 

  1. Check if your Govee lights support app control. Some models are only controlled by a remote or the control box of lights and do not support app control.
  2. If your Govee lights support app control, open the Govee app and click on the “DIY” button.
  3. Click the “+” button on the top right corner and choose Bluetooth or WiFi control.
  4. Name your group and create a DIY lighting option.
  5. If you have Govee H6143 WiFi RGBIC LED Strip Lights, you can press the “SPEED +/-” button to slow down or speed up the changing of lights in scene mode.

Some users have reported that all the scenes on their Govee lights seem too fast, and they are looking for a slow, vibey, smooth flow of color. If you are experiencing a similar issue, you may want to try adjusting the speed of the scenes using the steps above. If you still cannot adjust the lighting, contact Govee customer support for further assistance.

At What Speed Do Govee Lights Work

At What Speed Do Govee Lights Work?

Govee lights typically operate at variable speeds, determined by the selected mode or user preferences.

Most Govee light strips are equipped with multiple modes, each having its unique speed. Basically, you can apply one of these modes. 

  •       Static Mode: No speed as lights remain constant.
  •       Breathe Mode: A gradual fade in and out, portraying a breathing effect.
  •       Dynamic Modes: Speeds can range from quick flickers to slow transitions.

Users have the liberty to adjust speeds through the Govee Home app. Different occasions might demand varied tempos, from serene evenings to vibrant parties. Thus, Govee’s flexible speed settings cater to diverse ambient needs.

Alternate Options to Slow Down the Speed of LED Lights? 

There are several methods other than built-in controls to moderate the tempo of LED lights. Look at the list below and choose one that works for you. 

  1. LED Controllers: These devices, available in the market, offer precise control over light speed. Users can fine-tune their LED behaviors, adjusting brightness, color, and pace.
  2. Smart Home Integration: Platforms like Google Home or Amazon Alexa permit voice commands to modulate LED speeds. You can simply ask the assistant to “slow down LED lights” and watch the ambiance transform.
  3. Third-party Apps: Some apps, beyond brand-specific ones, provide expanded LED control. Such software often comes with more granular adjustments, allowing for a tailored lighting experience.
  4. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): This technique regulates the voltage supplied to the LED. By controlling this, users can influence the apparent brightness and speed of LED transitions.

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