How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify? (Step By Step Guide)

When you’re not convinced what to play, Spotify’s shuffle option is a great way to add variety to your song. But that might be a bit unpleasant when a piece of uplifting music lifts your spirits, only to have a sorrowful opera follow it and knock you for a loop. If you wish to play to a story-based record, shuffle might also provide a challenge. In such a situation, Spotify shuffle might break the narrative and altogether change the album’s content or content. Spotify’s shuffle function may ruin your current rhythm. So let us find out how to turn off shuffle on Spotify on mobile, web, and without premium.

What is Shuffling on Spotify?

Spotify shuffle play is a type of media listening that occurs when all recordings are selected at once, and tunes are presented in a random sequence.

Shuffle playing differs from randomized playback in that repeating recordings are avoided while the following item is randomly selected once the previous song has finished.

As an element of the increasing mobility that the system enables, shuffle offers a rather more liberal technique to musical involvement and is a particularly popular playing method.

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify?

Spotify’s shuffle-play function allows you to shuffle the next song that should play to make your audio session more unpredictable. Spotify’s basic version members are forced to listen to tunes in the constant shuffle while the adverts are active. Nevertheless, shuffle may be disabled for Paid Version users.

A Quick, easy Action is to change the music that is presently streaming into a full-screen mode to disable shuffling on the Spotify Android or iPhone application. The Shuffle icon should be tapped until it becomes grey.

Tap the Shuffle toggle on the Spotify pc or online player till it becomes grey to switch it off.

Also, Spotify Premium users only have the option to turn the shuffle on or off. When you use Spotify Basic, your music is perpetually in shuffle play. You are unable to select the track you would really like to listen to and advance or backtrack through your audio as frequently as you would like. In addition, commercials are played in between tracks.

Nevertheless, shuffle may be turned off at any moment when you have a Spotify Membership. You may decide which tune you would like to listen to and schedule the following songs.

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify on Mobile?

Shuffle may be turned off while using Spotify on a smartphone by opening the music that is streaming and holding down the Shuffle icon in the audio settings till it goes grey. This icon resembles two arrows that are entwined. The icon will be green with something like a patch beneath it if the shuffle option is active.

The audio that is currently mixed will be overridden if you have songs in your playlist. If you don’t remove any material from your playlist, it will constantly play in the order that it is in.

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify Without Premium?

Spotify’s customers could listen to dozens of music on phones and tablets. It comprises a wide variety of systems, such as Pc, laptops, iOS, and Android. Clients of Spotify who do not have Premium access can still listen to tracks in a timely order, which is excellent news for Desktop users. Therefore, listening to music on Spotify without mixing is simple, whether you employ a Spotify desktop program or a Spotify Online Player on a computer or mobile phone. Here are two solutions for Spotify Basic on desktop mode or online player to disable mix.

You may disable Spotify Free’s Mix using the “Now Playing” window.

The straightforward procedures to remove Spotify from Remix without Membership from the “Now Playing” display are shown below.

  • Stream a track on Spotify after launching it.
  • Then navigate to the bottom-left “Now Playing” area.
  • To stop Spotify’s Shuffle Mode, tap the “Shuffle” symbol. The songs you’ll hear are going to be in their initial order.

The process for disabling shuffle on Spotify Basic through Spotify Online Player seems similar to that for the desktop environment. 

You may access the “Made for you” soundtracks on your home screen, which are personalized tracks created by Spotify’s automated system. These tracks create playlists appropriate for you based on your sound experience, such as the musicians and categories you enjoy.

Regrettably, individuals without a Subscription cannot access all “Made for you” tracks without mix.

In reality, the ‘Daily Mixes’ are accessible in this format. This includes the roughly six Daily Mixes that Spotify generates for you based on your music preferences. Additionally, there is the “Soundtrack of your day,” which frequently consists of tracks like “Daily Drive” and “Daily Wellness.”

How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify Web Player?

Shuffle may be disabled if you’re using windows software or an online player by pressing the Shuffle icon till it goes grey. The playback area at the bottom of the screen has this icon, which has the appearance of two entwined arrows. The icon will be green with something like a mark beneath it if the shuffle function is active.

The audio that is being mixed will be overridden if you’ve got songs in your playlist. If you don’t remove any material from your playlist, it will constantly play in the order that it is in.

Why Can’t I Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify?

You cant turn off shuffle without a premium Spotify account. The inevitable shuffle and advertising disruptions are only two of the numerous distinctions between Spotify basic and Spotify Premium. In other terms, the free version does not allow you to disable the shuffle function for the majority of tracks.

Why is my Spotify Stuck on Shuffle?

Despite having a Premium subscription, there have been times when tracks on Spotify got trapped in shuffle mode. Spotify is not operating as planned; due to a technical fault in the application.

You may make the appropriate adjustments based on where the problem occurs:

  • For albums and collections: double-tap the opening track. Double-tapping may cause every Spotify track to stream in sequence instead of shuffle mode, which is the normal setting.
  • For playlists that don’t have a shuffle option:  Switch off the shuffle watch and return to your current selection. Daily mixes and other automatically created playlists carry over your most recent playback parameters.
  • Reopen the application in case nothing else functions: Occasionally, Spotify collects undesirable flaws that result in problems like getting stuck on the mix. The program may be reset to its original state by reopening.

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