How to Unblock Someone on Steam? (Quick & Easy)

How to unblock someone on Steam? This is a consequential question that some users have when they have added someone unknowingly to the block list. We will solve the matter here in this discussion. 

Steam is one of the best communities of gamers across the continents, allowing users to chat, create and introduce new games. It is a platform where you can buy and play simultaneously. The community is connected via public chats, maintaining a friend list, and selling the content. Blocking a stranger or a scam is also a feature introduced with the software.

What Happens If you Block Someone on Steam? 

The blocking option in Steam allows you to hide away from a specific user or a group while you are playing. You can block someone in the friend list by referring to the community profile of the relevant player and clicking on the ellipsis mark in that interface. You will have to choose Block all communication option. In the end, you will have to confirm by inputting “Yes.” 

The person or set of users you block will still be in your friend list, but they will not be able to identify you, Steam chats with you, or send you invites. When you block a user, they will see your status as offline. At any time, you can unblock the list. 

If you two are not friends, blocking will avoid their chance of adding you as a friend. They also will no longer be able to post on your profile. But the community profile of anyone will be displayed to the public. People will identify that you are currently engaged in playing whenever they visit your profile. This is an issue, but we can assume that there is less chance of someone visiting your profile when they see your offline status from their friend list. 

How Do I See My Blocked List on Steam?

Blocking on Steam is an option that makes you stay in the offline status for that particular user. They will no longer have access to invite you for games or chat with you. But if they visit your profile and hover over your avatar, they will notice that you are “on-game.” 

In our mobiles, we are familiar that once a contact is blocked, it will be copied to the Block listed, and you can refer to the Blocked contacts in the phone settings to view the full list of blocked contacts. Does Steam use the same procedure? Yes, Steam also maintains a list of blocked contacts within your profile. 

When you open the Steam app, you will see your nickname near the top bar. From the displaying list, you must select Friends. A menu will expand, and you will see the door for Blocked there. Click on the button, and you have found the blocked users. 

How to Unblock Someone on Steam?

Steam is a gaming platform with rising popularity. It is a collection of a variety of features like chatting, playing, creating, buying, and selling games, for instance. You can create your own profile in this gaming world and connect with other players. If someone is too much annoying for you or you find a certain profile looks like a scam, the creators have provided you with the opportunity of blocking such kinda people. This will stop any kind of communication with the person who you blocked, and they will not be notified about the Block. Here, your status will be shown as offline for the blocked person. 

If you want to unblock a person that you previously moved to the block list, it is also possible in Steam. Follow the guide given below on such occasions. 

If you are using a desktop or a laptop, 

  • Open Steam and sign into your account. 
  • Take the pointer to your username/nickname on the top.
  • You will see a variety of actions. You should go forward with Friends.
  • Under the Friends category, you will see many other options. Select Blocked there. 
  • Then you will be displayed the list with a Manage blocked list command button in the top right corner. 
  • Then select the person or the group of players that you want to unblock and click on Unblock button. 

If you are using a mobile phone, 

  • Open the app.
  • You will see a hamburger button on the left top corner of the interface with three short horizontal lines. Refer to that, and you will be shown a list of options. 
  • Select your Username there and go to your profile.
  • Select Friends category at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Under Your friends, you will be shown a list, and you must select Blocked to view the blocked users. 
  • Then process with the Manage blocked option. 
  • Click on the relevant person and give unblock command.  

How Do I Block Someone on Steam Mobile?

Blocking a friend in Steam will make you appear offline for that particular player, and he will never be sent a notification regarding the blocking. They also will not be unfriended from your list. If you are currently facing headaches with a certain player and need to keep away from him, follow these steps below. 

  • Open the Steam app and go to your profile.
  • If they are in your friend list, select the name and visit the community profile of the person you are going to block/ You can also refer to their public profile by searching their name. Recent players will also contain the names you want. 
  • You will see an ellipsis. Click on it, and the platform will display the option, Block all communication. Click on it, and you have gotten rid of the trouble!


Steam is an online gaming platform by Valve Corporation and was introduced in 2003. Now, this extreme gaming atmosphere is proceeding with over 10 000 games and 120 million users worldwide. The blocking option is an added feature in Steam gaming to increase your overall experience and satisfaction with the play.  

In this article, we have discussed the methods of unblocking people from your PC as well as mobile phones. Further, we also have mentioned the way of moving a user to the block list. 

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