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Plex is a powerful platform for managing and consuming your digital assets in media management and streaming. The ‘Plex your changes could not be saved’ error occasionally frustrates users. Your attempts to modify the settings for your Plex collection may be affected by this annoying problem. This article will guide you through several troubleshooting techniques to fix this issue. We’ll examine practical options to help you regain control over your Plex library, from changing user permissions to reinstalling the Plex library.

Why Am I Getting the “Your Changes Could Not Be Saved” Error On Plex?

When attempting to edit library information, the ‘Your Changes Could Not Be Saved’ warning in Plex can be a frustrating obstacle. This problem frequently causes library updates to fail, impacting a particular library or new additions. Various things can cause this issue.

Double-check your entries because an erroneous date format in your modifications could be one of the causes. As Plex Synology, for example, can have restricted access, ensure that Plex runs on the appropriate operating system and has the required permissions. Verify your connection and server functionality because network problems can prevent changes from being saved.

A corrupted Plex database that results from errors in hardware, software, or improper server shutdowns is another potential culprit.

Rebuilding the Plex database becomes a time-consuming but frequently necessary option in these situations to restore functionality.

You can fix the ‘Your changes could not be saved’ error in Plex and take back control of your media library by handling these problems.

How Do We Fix “plex your changes could not be saved”?

Several troubleshooting techniques are available to help you fix the annoying ‘Plex Your Changes Could Not Be Saved’ error and get your Plex library back on track.

  • Method 1 – Verify Data Format

You may experience the error if you attempt to save data in the incorrect format. Make sure your data format meets Plex’s requirements.

  • Method 2 – Check Date Format

The date format is essential, just like the data format. Dates must follow the YYYY-MM-DD format, with hyphens separating the year, month, and day. Make sure your dates follow this format.

  • Method 3 – Database Repair

If the problem continues, think about fixing your Plex database. Optimize your data or use an incognito/private browser mode to check for browser-related issues.

  • Method 4 – Save in the Appropriate Library Locations

Make sure that the correct library is where you are saving your data. Ensure your item is in the correct library because mismatched metadata can cause this issue.

  • Method 5 – Correctly Set Permissions

Ensure you have administrator privileges before modifying Plex, particularly on Linux. Review the permissions and file properties because Windows security settings can identify files as potentially harmful.

  • Method 6 – Update the Plex App

Outdated app versions may cause errors. Patch any issues and increase security by updating Plex to the latest version.

  • Method 7 – Remove User Privileges

Ensure no one else can access your Plex collection and check their permissions. If necessary, restrict or remove privileges.

  • Method 8 – Examine the Internet Connection

Plex needs a reliable internet connection to function. Slow or unstable connections may cause this issue. If you have connectivity problems, contact your Internet service provider or restart your router.

  • Method 9 – Reinstall Plex

Reinstall Plex after uninstalling it. It can fix problems caused by corrupted or faulty software. Log in after reinstalling, then try to edit your library.

  • Method 10 – Contact with Plex Support

If none of the above techniques work, contact Plex’s support team for qualified assistance.

Additional Methods 

  • Verify Network Connection – Ensure that network settings are not blocking Plex and that your device is securely connected. For your connection to become stable, try alternating between Ethernet and WiFi.
  • Run Plex as Administrator – There are occasions when running Plex as the administrator can fix permission-related problems. To make and save changes, right-click the Plex icon and choose ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Restart the Plex Media Server – The Plex server can be restarted to solve temporary issues. Before making changes, shut down the Plex server, wait for a moment, and restart it.
  • Repair the Database (An Alternative Method) – Close Plex, find the Plex Media Server folder, delete the ‘Databases’ folder inside the ‘Plug-in Support’ folder, and restart Plex if you suspect database damage. The database can be fixed with this.
  • Update to the Most Recent Version of Plex – Make sure the Plex app is installed with the latest version. Download and install it from the Plex website to fix any known bugs.

You can diagnose and fix the ‘Plex Your Changes Could Not Be Saved’ error using these detailed procedures, assuring a seamless Plex media library experience.

How Can Firewall or Antivirus Software Affect Plex

How Can Firewall or Antivirus Software Affect Plex?

A firewall or antivirus program may harm Plex by blocking network communication needed for the service. You can fix this by temporarily turning off your firewall to see if that is the problem. If so, add the firewall’s allowed list to the Plex Media Server.

The critical port to open is TCP port 32400, which is essential for Plex Media Server communication. Specific features like DLNA or Roku control may require additional connectors.

For security reasons, avoiding exposing specific ports to the internet is essential. Use a VPN or set up manual port forwarding in these circumstances to make Plex work while keeping security.

How to Check for Software Updates to Resolve the Issue?

On a Windows computer, perform the following actions to check for software updates.

  • Choose ‘Start.’
  • Then select ‘Settings.’
  • Click on ‘Windows Update.’
  • Then, select ‘Check for updates.’
  • To apply updates, click ‘Install’ if any are available.

Updating your software regularly is essential for preserving system security, stability, and compatibility with apps like Plex. It includes your operating system, drivers, and applications.

Are There Known Bugs That Cause “Your Changes Could Not Be Saved” Error on Plex?

The ‘Your Changes Could Not Be Saved’ problem frequently appears when attempting to add a library or make changes in Plex. Several different things can cause this error. Check Plex settings, permissions, and network access before beginning troubleshooting.

Ensure the software on your device or application, Plex is current. Consider network and security fixes, like router modifications or removing antivirus/firewall settings, if the problem continues.

A fresh Plex reinstall may be required if all else fails. Keep Plex and your operating system updated to ensure compatibility and fix any potential faults for easy library management in the future.

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