PS5 Controller Clicking – (Troubleshooting & Solutions)

Could your controller start to make squeaky or mechanical noises? These noises, which are frequently modest, do not portend a serious issue with your PS5 controller. Whenever you’re playing a game, “PS5 controller clicking” can be really unpleasant. There are, thankfully, ways to get rid of annoying sound effects.

The likelihood is that since you have arrived at this, you are dealing with the controller clicking noise issue as well as asking why it started happening now when it hadn’t previously. You can find the answers to all of your queries in this guide.

Why is the PS5 Console Humming?

This is acceptable and just indicates that the fan is momentarily operating more quickly to better cool the entire system. Any of the possibilities might be the cause of the squeaking sound coming from your PS5 controller.

When your controller is brand-new, the mechanism requires lubrication as well as relaxation. The noise ought to then go away by itself.

Inconvenient elements that create discomfort within the mechanism include dust, filth, or tiny parasitic particles that become caught at the lowest point of the buttons.

A metal spring that starts to squeak because it is no longer properly well-oiled.

A constant solicitation from the buttons results in little motions of the mechanism’s parts. The resultant friction causes a squeaky sound.

Any of the following might be the cause of the mechanical noise coming from your controller.

A fresh mechanism that has to be lubricated and relaxed. The noise ought to then go away by itself.

A mechanism that has lost its flexibility and is worn out, such as a spring.

Your PS5 controller is being impacted by an internal part that has been unsoldered or come free.

What Causes the ‘PS5 Controller Clicking’ Sound?

Most users report that the L2, as well as the R2 button, was where the clicking sound first appeared; however, some users have reported that the L1, as well as R1 buttons also caused this problem.

If you repeatedly push the PlayStation button in your PS5 controller, you could eventually begin hearing an identical clicking noise.

It includes triggers with individual geared motors for each one, allowing the controller to change the force and pressure while playing video games to enhance functionality.

The PS5 DualSense gamepad may occasionally create a clicking noise, and replacing it won’t necessarily make things stop.

In other instances, your PS5 controller may simply be broken and require repair or replacement.

Is Loud on PS5 Usual?

When operating, PS5 typically produces heat, particularly following hours. The PS5 has a fan built into the system to aid in cooling it down.

When the fan is operating, the PS5 will produce some noise. Actually, it is frequent and typical.

Sony claims that because of changes made to the conditioning and power supply systems, PS5 may function more quietly than PS4. But there might be issues if you notice that the PlayStation 5 is sounding louder than it did previously.

The PS5 fan often makes noise whenever your PS5 is overheated since it runs faster to cool the machine. Thus, your PS5 may be overheating when the fan sound is loud and bothersome.

How Can You Put an End to the Clicking Noise

How Can You Put an End to the Clicking Noise?

The only way to eliminate the noise of clicking is to disable the PS5 adaptable trigger effects strength in the preferences if it is ruining how you play.

The clicking noise from the PS5 controller will cease when you do that. When switching the adaptive function on or off with every button located on the PS5 administrator or when you aren’t playing any games, the sound of clicking from the controller persists, which suggests that the controller is likely defective.

It’s necessary to replace the flexible trigger spring within the console if it’s weak or even damaged.

How Can you Disable the PS5’s Customizable Triggers?

It’s a good idea to be aware of how to disable the PS5’s automatic triggers and tactile input.

To access Settings, click the gear symbol on the PS5 dashboard.

To find Accessories, scroll below.

To find Controllers, read down.

Your haptic feedback may be turned off by selecting Vibration Intensity and setting it to Off.

Select Trigger Effect Intensity, then toggle it to Off to remove the adaptive triggers from the system.

You must adjust the settings for each DualSense device if you’re using more than one. Just return to the identical menu to switch them back on or change the intensity of either experience.

How Can I Prevent the Console from Heating Too Much?

In order to prevent your PS5 system from overheating, we advise that you follow the below instructions.

Make sure that nothing is blocking or obstructing the PS5 console’s ventilation holes on the back as well as sides.

Never set the console down on a rug or carpet that has long fibers.

Avoid positioning the control panel in a small or confined area.

The ventilation vents of the PS5 console should not have any dust accumulating in them or around them.

Always unplug the AC power supply from the PS5 consoles’ back before washing for security purposes. To get rid of any dust that has gathered around and within the air vents, utilize a low-powered vacuum device.

How Can I Tell Whether the Controller is Malfunctioning Instead?

A method you may try first is to see whether a different device can generate the same sound. If a different controller has the same issue, your controller is likely malfunctioning.

When your PlayStation 5 remains protected by warranty in such a situation, you can ask Sony for either an alternative or repair. If not, you may just replace the DualSense system, which should make the clicking sound cease.

However, if you purchased the launch day version or a later version and you are only beyond the warranty period, you may still get in touch with Sony to determine if anything may be accomplished. You might also simply request a new controller as a substitution.

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