What is Pivotmobile Android Metrics? All You Need To Know

Com.Pivotmobile.Android. Metrics is a side-loaded application that takes account of the advertisements in the Pivotmobile application you’ve downloaded. It monitors this information once on your mobile device to ensure the in-app advertisements function properly. The com.pivotmobile.android.metrics program is tightly linked to the well-known game designer Pivot Mobile. The Swimmy Turtle is the most well-liked of the company’s numerous video games; however, there are many more. When you install outside applications, particularly those made by Pivot Mobile, the com.pivotmobile.android.metrics may be retrieved from either party. 

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Understanding PivotMobile Android Metrics

Once users acquire third-party applications, particularly those created by Pivot Mobile, they often include a sub-downloaded program, like com.facebook.orca, which then finds its way into your smartphone.

The popular product creator Pivot Mobile offers a lot of additional applications available for download in addition to its Swimmy Turtle game. Sub-downloading occurs when an app is granted approval to install onto a gadget without your consent. This can seem a little strange and cause you to question whether perhaps com pivotmobile android metrics are actually doing more damage to your New smartphone than benefit.

It has the capacity to keep an eye on you while you are on task. But Do not forget that the Pivot Mobile team made the app. They are a reputable Android game creator. Also, absolutely nothing from the Play Store may be downloaded without first clearing Google’s Play Protect policy. So You may be confident that it is not harmful.

Fortunately, Pivot Mobile, a genuine company, did not create the com pivotmobile android metrics app by mistake, and it is not malware. If there is any indication that this code may be malicious, it is likely another program or app impersonating com.pivotmobile.android.metrics. To ensure the safety of your information, you should continue to check your phone for infections with the most recent anti-virus program.

Features of PivotMobile Android Metrics

Com.Pivotmobile.Android Metrics is a side-loaded program that records the advertisements for the Pivotmobile game you’ve downloaded. Once on your device, it monitors this information to ensure the in-app advertisements function properly.

The app that was sub-downloaded assists in tracking in-app advertisements for that program as well as advertisements from other applications. Moreover, Pivot Mobile employs it to monitor data allowance for the software it shipped with and other programs. Even so, because the pivot mobile is not a core app, your smartphone is secure without it.

How to Use PivotMobile Android Metrics?

The usage of Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics has only one benefit to the user, which can send users advertisements through the pivotmobile app without any issues. However, users can not use this program to make anything since it isn’t developed for the user to use; it’s for the programmer to play ads.

Nevertheless, you may interrupt the data collected by the Com.Pivotmobile.Android.Metrics by deleting the software.

As com.pivotmobile.android.metrics are not included in the device’s operating system, they may be quickly and painlessly removed from your phone. The fact that the program com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is not a pre-installed tool majority of which can’t be deleted by the user—also makes it uninstallable.

Despite the fact that you may do this, Android metrics cannot be removed like other apps because it is not shown in the app drawer. To accomplish this, you must access the settings on your device.

You may quickly remove com.pivotmobile.android.metrics by heading to Settings on your smartphone, then finding com.pivotmobile.android.metrics in the Program List. Once found, touch on it and select “Uninstall” from the menu.

As com.pivotmobile.android.metrics do not constitute a core program or even pre-installed software; doing so is legal. Although some Smartphone consumers perceive that com.pivotmobile.android.metrics may be required to operate certain system apps or pre-installed apps, many Users have removed it from their phones without experiencing any negative effects or difficulties with their device’s effective functioning.

Hence, removing com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is secure, and it is advised that you remove the program if you think you would be better off without it installed on your smartphone because it does use up phone capabilities, even if that uses up is modest.

Benefits of Using PivotMobile Android Metrics

The Pivot Mobile-generated app com.pivotmobile.android.metrics sub-downloads onto your smartphone once you acquire a third-party app, largely produced by Pivot Mobile. Its primary role is to analyze advertisements; it makes sure that ad monitoring on Pivot Mobile games is running well.

benefits using pivotmobile android metrics

It monitors data for the specific app it comes with, as well as for in-app advertisements and adverts from other programs while remaining idle. Many people believe it monitors them as it tracks and stores data about them. That isn’t the truth, however.

 It is clear that this program is neither malware nor a virus, and it presents no risk to your smartphone. 

Alternatives to PivotMobile Android Metrics

There are a lot of apps like PivotMobile Android Metrics, which are meant to do a certain task in the background to enhance the user experience.


It is in charge of the software updates that occur immediately on your smartphone. Although beneficial, it may be temperamental. To be more precise, it may result in the “ConfigAPK has ceased operating” problem.

If necessary, people may remove the program. Achieving this requires an alternative procedure to doing away with Android Metrics. You must utilize third-party software which needs root access.

NativeDropbox Agent

Another software tool that so many people mistake for malware is NativeDropBox Agent. Not all gadgets will show it. It’s only available on Motorola devices.

It’s designed to make the Google Drive substitute Dropbox program perform better, although it’s not necessary for it to work. This is good news because the Nativedropbox agent sometimes generates obstinate warning messages that are only fixed by uninstalling the program.

Even though all of these apps are meant to enhance the user experience or smooth operation of a task or customized ads, all of these are suspected of being malware or virus since they all get to your device without your knowledge by third-party software or by the OS itself. However, These apps can be deleted via the device’s settings or by rooting the device if you think it is unnecessary.

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