Where is the Power Button On an ONN TV? (Step By Step Guide)

Thanks to the remote introduced, you probably will not remember the last time you got up from the couch to turn on the TV. Most of us are accustomed to using a remote to handle our electric devices, whereas some of us have forgotten how to turn them on manually. Though remotes have made it easier, we are also starting to lose basic knowledge of handling electric devices without a remote. That is why remotes are turning us into lazy couch potatoes. However, the real challenge strikes in the absence of a remote. If you have an ONN TV and have lost your remote or it is broken, you are probably uncertain how to turn on the ONN TV with the power button. But where is the power button on an ONN TV your main concern? 

ONN is a modern Walmart TV  manufactured by Durabrand and has a ROKU tv built into it. ONN tv is now gaining popularity in the US market, as it is more affordable than other tv brands. But since tv has only started to get recognized in the market, people are unaware of how to handle ONN Tv. That is why when you have lost the remote on your TV, most owners are clueless about where the power button is on the TV. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss the answer to where is the power button on an ONN TV. Stick to the article and read till the end.

Where is the Power Button Located on an ONN TV?

Most  TV is unaware of where the power button in the ONN TV is located, especially the younger generation, and some of them are uncertain.

However, locating the power button in the ONN tv is quite simple, but you will not be able to find it at first blink because the power button is hidden.

You can find the power button in the ONN TV behind or under the part, ideally on the right-hand side, close to the signal button or ONN Tv logo.

However, where the power button on an ONN TV is located can differ with each model, but you can locate it because it has a power symbol, and the button is slightly larger than the other.

After you have located the power button, you can long press the power button to on the TV.

You will also be able to find the buttons to change channels and volume buttons to increase and decrease the sound.

How Do you Turn ON an ONN TV Without a Power Button or Remote?

If you cannot locate the power button in your ONN TV model, you are probably wondering how to turn on the TV without the remote or power button. But you don’t have to worry because we have a solution. Read the steps below, and ensure you follow them as instructed.

If you have lost the remote or couldn’t locate the power button in the ONN tv, you can still turn on the TV with the ROKU app and a smart device.

  1. Download the latest ROKU app version from the Google play store or Apple app store and install it on your smart device.
  2. Share the same internet network connection you use for your ONN Tv and connect it to the smart device with the ROKU app.
  3. Launch the ROKU app on your smart device and select devices from the bottom of the app. However, if your smart device is not enabled on your ONN Tv, you cannot connect the app. But you don’t need to worry long as DefaultDefault sets it.
  4. From devices, select ONN TV from the list and pair.
  5. Once the Roku app is connected to your ONN tv, you can open the remote tab and power on the TV. You can also turn off, increase or decrease volume, and change channels using the remote.

How Do you Turn On the ONN TV to Enable the Option to Connect to the Roku App?

As previously stated, if your ONN TV has not enabled the option to connect mobile devices, you cannot connect the ROKU app to the TV. Hence, to connect to the ROKU app, you must always turn on the enable option if the remote gets lost or if you cannot locate the power button on the ONN TV.

  1. First, open Home in the ROKU ONN TV.
  2. Scroll down to select settings.
  3. Next, select system and Advance system settings.
  4. Click to Control by mobile apps.
  5. Select network access.
  6. Now select DefaultDefault or Permissive to enable the option. Now your ONN Tv is ready. Connect the ROKU app if you do not have the remote.

Does the Position of the Power Button Change Depending on ONN TV Model?

As previously stated, most ONN TV owners find it challenging to locate the power button as instructed because the position differs with each ONN TV model. However, the power button is, most of the time, hidden behind the TV, on the right side. You should be able to find it behind the sides or; behind.

Troubleshooting Power Button Issues on an ONN TV

If you have been waiting to turn on the ONN TV with the power button, but it does not work because of a defect, you can fix the issue by troubleshooting the problem the power button is not working in your ONN TV first check if the TV is plugged to the switch.

A loose cable connection is one of the most common reasons your power button is not working. Another reason could be if the ONN Tv is not receiving electric power.

If there is a power failure around your place or the switch you plugged into the ROKU TV has disconnected power, the TV will not turn on.


In the article Where is the power button on an ONN tv, we have contemplated the steps to locate the power button in the ROKU TV. We have also included the method to turn on the ROKU TV using the app without the remote or if the power button is not working.

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