Why Does Unturned Keep Crashing? Causes & Fixes

A survivalist game called Unturned pits you against several zombie hordes. This game’s crashing is one problem that you could run into when enjoying Unturned. Why does unturned keep crashing? Having problems accessing an Unturned domain controller? Or does anything you’re doing suddenly seize up in mid-action? It’s not just you.

The information in this article will help you solve the Unturned if it breaks whenever you launch it. The same problem is experienced by many gamers when they enter an Unturned server. Do not be concerned; we are here to help. Let’s begin!

System Requirements of Untruned

Created and released by Smartly Dressed Gaming, Unturned is a video game that can be played for free. There are many modes available throughout this zombie survival adventure.


Windows 7 SP1+ is the minimal operating system needed, according to the unturned basic standards. Your CPU should have a clock speed of 3 GHz or above. 8 GB of RAM would be the required bare minimum. For the game to be installed, users also need 4 GB of free storage space.

Windows 10 is the preferred operating system when you follow the recommendations for Unturned for Windows. A 4 GHz or higher CPU would be suggested. It is advised to have 16 GB upwards of RAM. Version 11 of DirectX may exist.


For Mac OS, the minimum need is High Sierra. The processor must operate at a minimum of 3 GHz. It needs 8 GB of RAM. The game also requires 4 GB of available storage space.

Big Sur is the suggested operating system. A 4 GHz CPU is advised. 16 GB of RAM in addition.

Linux and SteamOS

Minimal prerequisites for Linux users include Ubuntu 16.04+. Processor speed must be at least 3 GHz. You must have at least 8 GB of RAM. For the game to be installed, you still need 4 GB of free disk space.

Utilize Ubuntu 20.04+ to meet Linux’s suggested needs. Use a microprocessor or CPU with a clock speed of 4 GHz or higher. Increase the RAM to at least 16 GB.

Why Does Unturned Keep Crashing?

Unturned’s frequent Steam crashes might result from a number of different things.

PC Components

You should verify your personal computers to ensure they can run Unturned before doing anything else.

Drivers for Graphics

Out-of-date graphics card drivers are among the primary reasons games crash and stop.

The Operating System You’re Using

The Windows OS needing to be updated to the most recent version is another aspect that might result in gaming crashes and frozen problems.

While Running Unturned, Background Programs are Open

The number of open apps while you enjoy Unturned would also affect how you feel about it. Typically, gaming would freeze if there were too many available applications.


The games may stall as a result of a highly aggressive security application that is continually examining the games.

Consistency of Root Directory

Corrupt gaming caches or deleted gameplay files are among the things that might lead Unturned to freeze.

How to Stop Untruned from Crashing?

Reboot your Computer After Installing the Game Again

Reinstalling Unturned as well as rebooting your computer are two options you have if the game fails. This one is exclusively a computer issue.

Play It Alone While Running it as Admin

To determine whether the problem persists, try executing it as an admin.

Turn off Windows Firewall and Any Security Software

By navigating here to Control Panel and choosing the “disable” option, you may turn off the antivirus. Consider adding this sport to the antivirus program’s exemption list if it continues to fail after the antiviral program has been turned off.

Make Sure the Game Files are Authentic

To fix the issue, you must utilize the Steam program to verify the game files’ consistency. If mistakes are found, the client will immediately download the fresh ones.

Get Rid of the Files in the Game Folder

It could be necessary to examine your games folder and remove unnecessary files.

Get Involved Inside the Single Player World First

When you’re a brand-new player, start by joining a single-player planet. Before moving on to more complicated servers, we advise attempting the simpler ones initially.

The Driver Updates

To maximize your gameplay experience, ensure you have the most recent drivers. You must update extra drivers in combination with security patches as well as speed upgrades if you want to increase your card’s reliability and performance.

Update Steam

You might try uninstalling Steam and reinstalling it if the above workarounds weren’t successful. This is exclusively a Steam problem.

Remove the Mods

Make careful to remove all previous PC modifications before installing the new ones.

Can Unturned Run on 2GB RAM?

However, you will only accomplish something in-game. You may run it, of course. For Unturned to be installed, you would need a minimum of 4 GB of spare storage space. On the other hand, the game’s creators advise that you have about 6 GB of available storage space in the system drive.

A machine with 4 GB of RAM loaded must have at least this amount of memory to run Unturned. To get the most out of Unturned, ensure that your computer has 8 GB of RAM. You may engage in the activity as long as your video card is, at minimum, an Intel HD 3000.

Examine the system requirements for CPU, system software, graphics as well as tape recorders, necessary disk space, and much more for every related measure to discover if your PC can run Unturned.

Can you Run Unturned with 4GB RAM?

The system must have 4 GB of RAM to run Unturned. To get the most out of Unturned, ensure that your computer has 8 GB of RAM. The game is possible if you possess a video card with, at minimum, an Intel HD 3000 chip.

A least of 4 GB is recommended for managing Unturned’s files, textures, graphics, and gameplaying information, but 8 GB guarantees that you may engage in other activities without experiencing latency. If you intend to play any other titles, check if your computer has the required amount of RAM for all those tournaments.

The Windows operating system is necessary for Unturned to run at its finest. The game cannot be supported with any other os.

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