Why is My Airpod Beeping After Getting Wet? Here’s What You Should Know!

The world is filled with many technological advancements, in which the Pure hearts of humans are now filled with many foreign concepts that have lifted them to another level of success and failure. Thus one of the technological advancements is the Apple air pods, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. the air pods entered the realm of existence in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7. The air pods are known for their special features and incredible functionality. However, as every perfectionism is imperfect, the air pods do come with the probability of being damaged. Why is my air pod beeping after getting wet? Is it an imperfection that we are going to discuss in this article?

Are Airpods Waterproof?

We all have heard about false marketing; well, every great product uses that method to hit the market further and maintain its status.

The situation of the apple air pods is the same. They claim to be waterproof, while waterproof and water-resistant definitions blind the customers.

Waterproof ensures that water does not enter the interior parts of the device, while water resistance ensures that the device can handle daily slight splashes of water on it.

However, none of these features does mean that the air pods will be okay even if it was dunked with a liter of water.

Thus the Apple air pods are not waterproof but are water resistant with their limits present.

What Happens If the Airpods Get Wet?

What happens when water gets into your phone? The interior organs of your phone start to fall out one by one, with the uninvited arrival of water slowly destroying the phone’s interior circuits.

The same happens when water gets in a pair of air pods where the speakers absorb enough water until it starts to sound like someone drowning in a pool of water with a shrieking beep noise.

Moreover, if you try to get the water out by shaking the air pods, there is a huge risk involving the water getting into the interior circuits and the battery.

If the water gets into the circuits, repairing the circuit will be a hefty task even for professionals.

Moreover, if the battery is invaded with water, it will be severely damaged. Thus the air pods will automatically fall into the maze of complications with only a replacement to save your entertainment.

Why is My Airpod Beeping After Getting Wet?

The beeping sound from your dear air pods is not the expected sound that you paid for.

However, since you drowned your air pods in your pool, the air pods have been beeping like an ambulance in emergency mode, annoying you for the past few hours. So you might be pondering on your thoughts.

Why? And how? It still sounds like that, even after you swiped over all the water. The prominent reason is the trapped water and the moisture inside the air pods, which won’t go away just by a swift swipe in the outer side.

While the water damage creates this beeping low battery, unstable connection, damaged circuits and many other reasons could also cause the beeping if it is not wet.

The beeping after the air pods having an unintended bath is the trapped water and moisture screaming for help to get out of the air pods into the wild nature.

Can AirPods be Fixed After Water Damage?

It is not the world’s end, even if you have dumped your air pods into a pool of water. Possible fixes for this issue will be discussed later in the article.

Therefore it is not the end of your air pod journey if you have exposed them to a liter of water.

You still have the chance to revive its life back again. For instance, you could try air drying the air pods by leaving them to dry all by themselves, or else you could use some silicon packets to dry the air pods.

However, you don’t need to keep the airpods inside a bag of rice, as the dust and debris can further destroy the interior parts of the air pods.

How Do I Eject Water from My AirPods Pro

How Do I Eject Water from My AirPods Pro?

Ejecting water from the air pods that fell into the pool could be a heavy burden if you don’t know what to do. Thus, this section will help you get the water and moisture out of your air pods through easy methods.

First, we will examine what you shouldn’t do on such an occasion. It would help if you never shook the air pods to get the water out because it could go deeper into the battery. Thus, place the air pods solid to ensure that the water is ejecting from it.

Moreover, we do not recommend putting the air pod in rice as the dust will also damage the air pods. Thus, to eject the water from the air pods, you could also keep them with some silicon packets. The best way to eject the water is to let it dry for about 48 hours straight.

How to Stop Your AirPods from Beeping After Getting Wet?

We now have discovered that it is possible to eject the water that got into your air pods, eventually restoring them to normal. Thus in this article, we will see how to make the beeping sound stop after dropping your air pods on a bucket full of water.

First and foremost, you need to take the air pods out of the water quickly before an excessive amount of water gets into it, making the situation awfully worse. Once you get the air pods back out from the water, place them on a flat surface horizontally without shaking them as much.

Then acquire a lint-free cloth or a microfiber towel to wipe off the water that is on the air pods. While doing so, make sure not to push it a lot, as an unbearable amount of pressure could severely damage the air pods.

After you have done all these basic steps, you can consider processing with the water eject shortcut. You should first download and install the water eject shortcut from the routine hub to do so.

 Once you have downloaded the app, you should navigate the app to eject water once you connect the air pods to the app. Thus, once this is done, the app will play a low-frequency bass tone, slowly ejecting the water from the air pods. After performing this step, You could see the water ejecting from the air pods.

Now most of the work has been done, it is the chance to make sure that the water is all gone and the beeping is gone as well.

It would be best to leave the air pods to air dry for about 48 hours without exposing the air pods to children or animals.

Furthermore, you could bury the air pods on some silicon packets that can be purchased through amazon.com as well.

If any of these solutions are not working for you, you could simply replace the air pods without further damaging the air pods.

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