Why is My Furbo Light Purple? [Reasons & Fixes]

Furbo is a dog monitor that will monitor and feed your dog routinely and autonomously. You may monitor your dog with the Furbo Dog Camera while working productively or relaxing at office parties, late-night entertainment, or holiday celebrations. The product’s sturdy casing, which safely rests on any surface, has a camera, food distributor, microphone, speaker, motion detector, and alarm message mechanism. And also it consists of a led indicator. The colour of the status indicator at the bottom of your Furbo may shift depending on the situation, such as purple, blue, and yellow. You may wonder why is my furbo light purple. A purple glow indicates that your Furbo gadget is not online and lights up for various reasons. So let us find out what’s up with these colour indications.

Understanding the Furbo Light

The many colours on your Furbo each signify something specific. There are a total of five colours. The following are these hues and what they represent:

  • White Light: The first time you connect your Furbo to a power supply, a white light will come on. This indicates that while your gadget is turned on, it is not yet configured.
  • Yellow Light: It indicates that even if you are online and connected, you really aren’t actually watching live video. Seeing a red light instead of a yellow one on your Furbo indicates the same thing. 
  • Green Light: Your Furbo is prepared for you to link it to your wifi connection when you notice a green signal on it. You must install the Furbo software from Google Play or the App Store in order to link your Furbo to the web. Throughout the configuration phase, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.
  • Blue Light: Your Furbo’s light goes blue while you are watching the live video on your smartphone.
  • Purple Light: You are not joined to the Area network when you notice a purple glow on your Furbo. It’s possible that a previous power failure is at blame or that your connection is weak. Another possibility is that your smartphone’s Bluetooth isn’t really turned on.

Why is My Furbo Light Purple?

When the indicator led on your Furbo turns purple, it simply implies it is no longer linked to a secure connection.

It can be an issue with your wifi or router providing the network, or it could be within the Furbo device. Here are some key reasons why the Furbo indication light turns purple:

Low Wifi Signal Strength

If your wifi router and the Furbo are placed too far, or the Furbo is outside the wifi range, your Furbo device can illuminate purple. Furthermore, interference by outside device frequencies also plays a major role in reducing the wifi strength. Thick walls, furniture, etc., can also reduce the wifi range drastically, reducing wifi strength when placed far.

Furbo Camera Offline

Offline cameras and the device can also make the Furbo indicators glow purple. After the power surges or blackouts take place, your Furbo cameras can go offline since the wifi and the device itself needs some time to restart.

Firmware Update in Progress

Your Furbo device may not be able to connect with the web while updating itself. Since the device is active and has no network, it may glow in purple. But most of the time, It won’t glow purple for that reason; however, it can be the reason for the Furbo glowing purple.

Hardware Malfunction

If indeed the internal parts that receive the network or transmit the signals to the wifi are damaged, the device can glow purple because of the network outage. You may be dealing with a broken led bulb sometimes, which glows purple for no reason.

How to Fix Purple Light on Furbo?

Whenever the indicator led on your Furbo turns purple, that implies the wifi connection has been lost. Purple will also appear if the connection drops while the configuration is in progress. In any case, there are some ways to solve it and reactivate the Furbo Dog Camera.

Checking Wifi Signal Strength and Resetting the Network Connection

If you suspect any problems with the network, Bring your Furbo gadget closer to your wifi router, but keep it at least 3 – 4 meters away. Try rejoining if the indicator becomes yellow.

Remove power from the Furbo and reconnect it after 1 minute. Connect again if the indicator becomes yellow.

Reload your wireless network if these procedures don’t solve the problem.

Recalibrate the wifi on the mobile Furbo app if neither of the preceding methods has been successful.

If you have a power outage, allow the Furbo some time to reconnect and wake up correctly.

How to Fix Purple Light on Furbo

Checking Furbo Camera Status and Performing a Reset

The Furbo Dog Camera may be rebooted normally by unplugging it, spending ten seconds, and then connecting it back. Let it run through; the indicator should turn yellow if it links correctly.

Performing a hard reset may clear all your data and technically solve your issue. However, Your Furbo may have saved your wifi information, and that data will be destroyed. 

Place a pin inside the slot on the backside of the Furbo gadget and hold it there for 20 seconds after it has been charged in and switched on.

Furthermore, you’ll need to uninstall the Furbo app and start the installation, wifi login, name, and customizing procedures from scratch. 

Updating Firmware and Software

You have to keep your device upto date to enjoy the full capability of your device. Simply check whether an update on the firmware or an update on the mobile app is available by going to the Furbo website or the google play store or app store.

Contacting Furbo Customer Support for Further Assistance

Users may reach Furbo Customer Service by completing a Request Form or browsing the Help Page and choosing Contact Us. By doing so, a live chat window with a client service agent will appear.

How to Prevent Future Issues with Furbo Light?

You may prevent these issues if you see the above procedures to fix these issues frustrating. Heres how;

Regular Maintenance and Updates

always maintain your Furbo device in order to keep it running with regular food refills, routine cleanups, firmware or software updates and maintenance for the injuries done by the dog.

Ensuring Stable Wifi Connectivity

Since the network is the main component of the Furbo device, always be sure to provide a good connection. 

Monitoring Furbo Camera Status

Always check the Furbo camera status in order to keep the device alive. Being away and not seeing your dog’s actions can be frustrating. So look after the network and your camera for optimum device use.

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