Why is My Vizio Sound Bar Blinking? Here’s What To Do!!!

To improve your listening experience, Vizio produces a wide variety of soundbars of the highest calibre. Once correctly connected, they offer excellent sound worth the price. But occasionally, users do experience connectivity problems. Why is my Vizio sound bar blinking?

Vizio soundbars come with features that let you adjust the sound to your unique requirements. These options might be messed up, which will cause the soundbar to start making white flashes. A number of circumstances could cause the sudden failure of the soundbar. Let’s discuss this further in this article.

What is Vizio Sound Bar and What Does It Do?

A Vizio sound bar is a compact speaker system that offers surround sound of a higher quality than speakers. They can be placed below the TV screen.

Sound bars are an easy and space-saving method to deliver premium audio in the living room in alternative to typical surround sound systems, which need many speakers and wires. Several loudspeakers are contained in a wide, long enclosure to make up soundbars.

Soundbars are helpful since they occupy less room and are typically less expensive than bigger home theatre systems, which are needed to enhance TV audio.

The built-in speakers on your TV, no matter how high-end, cannot match those of a Vizio sound bar. Some people do not have the space or money to establish a full-fledged standard AVR home theatre system.

With a sound bar, you can enjoy a theatre-like sound for half the cost of a home theatre system, whether you’re watching your favourite TV show or movie or listening to music.

What are the Possible Reasons for a Vizio Sound Bar to Blink?

When there is a problem with the setup, your Vizio soundbar blinks. It serves as a warning, informing you of the problem you need to address. A few of these potential problems are examined below:

  • Poor Connections
  • Outdated Firmware
  • Improper Settings
  • Hardware Error

Poor Connections: Because of the poor connections between the Vizio sound bar and the TV (or any other device), the LED system of it may start to blink. So, check for any loosened cables and ensure you have plugged them securely into the relevant ports.

Outdated Firmware: If your firmware is outdated, look for any updates available on the website. Your Vizio soundbar will blink while the new firmware is in the progress of installing it to the soundbar. 

Improper Settings: Check whether you have input the correct information on the settings, including the connected device. Also, ensure that the soundbar is in the correct mode.

Hardware Error: There might be issues with the audio sources or any other component. Additionally, check for any malfunctions in the power supply. Before connecting the soundbar, make sure that the power supply from the power source you are using is compatible with the device.

If you detect one of the above reasons, it will be the possible reason for the Vizio sound bar to blink.

Can a Blinking Vizio Sound Bar be Fixed at Home, or Do you Need Professional Help?

Yes. You can fix a blinking Vizio sound bar at home. There are a few ways to try, and if one of them goes well, you will be able to find the issue with the soundbar. Following are the methods I mentioned that you must try to fix the soundbar at home.

  • Hold the Bluetooth button on the device.
  • Pressing the volume button
  • If you are in demo mode, exit from it
  • Reset the Vizio soundbar

If none of these methods works, you have to contact their customer support here, or you will need professional help from someone familiar with Vizio soundbars.

How to Troubleshoot a Blinking Vizio Sound Bar?

Pair the Bluetooth Again

Your Vizio soundbar will blink to let you know if it discovers an issue with the Bluetooth connection. The unpairing of the relevant device or another issue affecting the connectivity could be to blame for the error. Keep pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for about five seconds to fix the problem. The soundbar will be on pairing mode again.

How to Troubleshoot a Blinking Vizio Sound Bar

Reset the Volume Settings

The soundbar will be reset to its factory defaults, wiping all settings and preferences.  To do a factory reset, press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume down buttons simultaneously for around 5 seconds. To complete the process, turn off and restart the soundbar.

Set the Audio Controls Back to Their Factory Positions

To reset the audio settings, hold down the “Input” and “Volume up” buttons simultaneously for about five seconds.  After that, press F1 to select the soundbar’s proper audio source.

Exit the Demo Mode

Other than blinking the white lights, if the soundbar didn’t change the existing settings when you reset it and if the Vizio soundbar didn’t turn off when you power off it, the soundbar is in its demo mode. 

Push and hold the Bluetooth and the input buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds till the lights blink four times to leave the demo mode.

How to Update the Firmware of a Vizio Sound Bar?

The soundbar often upgrades the system automatically by downloading the new firmware from the internet. But, if the system is not updated, there may be some problems with your soundbar as a result of technical difficulties.

You must download and install the firmware in this situation yourself. To Update the Firmware on the VIZIO Soundbar, Follow These Steps:

  1. Visit the PlayStore to download the “VIZIO SmartCast”mobile app.
  2. Connect the VIZIO SmartCast device after downloading it.
  3. You can now see the VIZIO soundbar’s current firmware version by going to Settings.
  4. Verify that an update is available for the VIZIO soundbar by visiting the VIZIO Support Page.
  5. If a firmware update is available, it will say “Your Firmware Model + Update + Firmware” when you type the model name in the search box.
  6. If there isn’t any new firmware, the search box will be blank.
  7. Cut and paste the firmware into the USB after downloading it on the Desktop.
  8. After turning on your soundbar, unplug the power cable, plug the USB into the Vizio soundbar, and then re-plug the power cable.
  9. Now, LED lights ought to start blinking.
  10. Hold off until the procedure is finished and the lights return to normal.
  11. Finally, you have updated the firmware for your Vizio soundbar.

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